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What’s going well?

what’s hurting?

where’s the growth?

what do you…fear?……desire?…..intend?

Movement is incredibly effective for plugging us into the real thing, unearthing what we didn’t know we had and releasing what we no longer need. But it’s not enough to just dance—we have to speak the truth too, and see our reflection in each other’s eyes if we are to know our blindspots.

This is ZeroOne in practice: to embody presence, listen deeply and speak the truth. Get free of your head-trips and align your will with intention to make some things happen.

This will be a highly focussed workshop designed to bring your dreams to earth and empower your choices for ahead as they impact yourself, your people, and our world.

Let’s take the time to listen in to the depth of our dreaming, get clear about what we choose, and give our longings to the wild moment of power: NOW.

Price: Early bird is £145 if paid by Dec 14th – full price £170.