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3 Classes of 3 hours each, May 13, 20, 27th, 2021

5/13 Living the Power of Emotions
Society’s conditioning against emotionality has condemned women for their very strength, the ability to feel. Listening to the body, and the amazing possibility of
expressing feeling through dance can help you grow out of shame and into strength, and reclaim this gift.

5/20 Transforming the Roles We Play to get Love and Safety
Transforming the Roles We Play to get Love and Safety
As women we have adopted certain roles and strategies to deal with our negative feelings and find love and security, mostly passed down from our mothers and grandmothers. Often, these roles make us feel small, hurt, angry, and unable to embrace needs, vulnerability, and our real feelings and beauty. Exploring the energy patterns we are trapped in can bring us in touch with our truth, and free these feelings and energies to be danced and lived in a new way.

5/27 Essence of the Female Principle – The Power of Receptivity
For centuries in male-dominated societies, the female principle within us all has been condemned as weakness, and rendered ineffective. The fear of vulnerability has crippled men and women, and robbed us of intimacy. Fear can be transformed though love. It is up to us to find and value the qualities of the feminine principal, discover the power of receptivity, and act from it’s wisdom. Through dance alchemy we transform and awaken what is already there in our bodies, and celebrate love.

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