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The nature of our feelings

A 5 Rhythms Heartbeat® Retreat (for women)

Why is it so important to our feminine health that our feelings can flow freely?

Fear, anger, grief, joy, compassion are the basic emotions that affect our energy. When you flow freely, they strengthen us, give us energy. If they are suppressed, then our energy goes down and we become vulnerable, maybe sick.

Surely you also carry many beliefs about your feelings in you. Much of it is old and outdated and may be replaced by something new. But how?

That alone is not enough with just a few affirmations.

Beliefs set in childhood or adolescence have also manifested in the body, even hidden, and want to be brought up to the surface to turn it into useful energy.

Nothing in your emotions is bad, they all have their meaning and we will give them the space they deserve with our dances.

Our sacred anger has its justification, our deep sorrow its meaning …

This retreat will bring you in touch with your emotions, you will empower yourself to celebrate your wild, beautiful existence.

Emotional Cleansing will free you from old cinders like a detox cure and the circle of women will provide you with a safe space.

In the “farm by the wayside” we experience the power, the beauty, a place that emerged from the dreams of two people. We arrive in a garden of abundance, in love a house built up with devotion. Here we can refuel, connect with our own nature, get involved in our feelings and experience their power.

And like last year, you will indulge in the wonderful dishes my dear husband Joachim P. Harms will conjure up for us. And not enough with that he will take us again on a journey with his poetry: “Where the bird of my heart sings, I become a tree, wild and wise.”

When: 11-18-07.2021

Where: Hof am Wege; Hans-Sievert-Strasse 15, 23715 Liensfeld / Bosau

Seminar costs: 540, – €

Early-Bird: 440, – € (when registering and paying until 10.05.)

Couples: 756,-€

Low Budget: ask for a place in the stuff or register for Support-Programm

Maximum number of participants: 23

Accommodation in single, double or shared rooms

Booking direct and payment:Regina Bunnemann; info@hofamwege.de

Price- Single room : (coming soon)

double room: (coming soon)

Full board: 285, – € (in cash – payable on arrival)

Further information and registration: zen-dance@t-online.de

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