The God Pattern With Adam Barley

//The God Pattern With Adam Barley
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The 5Rhythms are not just rhythms; they are the physical manifestation of a pattern that describes the way consciousness and matter interface with each other. This pattern shows up everywhere within the human psyche from sex to meditation, as well as through breaking waves, where there’s the same kind of interface going on between the ocean and the shoreline.

What’s new news is that it also shows up in pure maths, in the relationship between the number π which describes circles, and the number 0 which describes emptiness.

There’s a simple equation called “Euler’s Identity” that is a stand-out jewel of mathematical beauty. It links together the five most important and fundamental numbers in existence (the first and fifth of which are π and 0) with an elegance and simplicity that is astonishing.

This equation is the same pattern as the 5Rhythms. Not only does each number have the same quality as one of the rhythms, but the numbers are related to one another in precisely the same way that the rhythms are, in a configuration that is profoundly sexual. That these two patterns are in fact one and the same… that’s wild and holy magic.

The numbers teach us some new things about the rhythms and how to practice them, and this workshop is the first one of its kind, where you get to explore that.

Mathematicians: this will probably give you a radically new experience of your field, with tangible insights into the connections between numbers, spirituality, and human nature.

Dancers: you don’t need any ability with maths to take part! You will get to experience the rhythms in new ways, learning how to use your intelligence as well as your sweat to weave together the deepest instincts of your body with the invisible silence that is carried on the wings of the breath.