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Dancing power, instinct, flexibility, freedom, sensitivity and wit from our wild part – “Wild is the closeness of the sacred” Holderlin

Animal comes from anima, that is to say soul, breath of life. Body, heart and spirit are linked and our dance will draw its source from this unification. Our modern life, due to the techniques and codes that govern it, greatly limits our potential for movement and expression. This course invites us to rediscover through dance the vast, free and wild space of our animal memory inscribed in our cells. When movement takes its source in our sensations and our instinct rather than in our intentions and our habits, then our body dances its first art, its grace and its vital force, its roots and its momentum.

We will travel to discover the resources of our inner animal to refine our sensitivity, deploy our imagination, strengthen our expressiveness. We will meet the archaic energy of our emotions to feel more authentic and free.

Let’s visit our wasteland to enrich our dances, cross our wild spaces to be reborn to our vitality!

Every day, we will dance the 5 Rhythms cycle in order to imbue our cells with the benefits of the Wave. We will explore in depth each Rhythm in its somatic, energetic, choreographic, emotional dimension, in resonance with nature and the elements.

Guidance times will alternate with free dance times. We will thus have the opportunity to refresh our routines, to deepen confidence in the innate wisdom and creativity of our body.

Sensory explorations in nature, rituals, sharing and creative experiences will prolong the resonance of our dances.


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