Tantric Dance of Oneness® with Banafsheh

//Tantric Dance of Oneness® with Banafsheh
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5-day workshop with Banafsheh Sayyad

Do you long to embrace and love yourself exactly as you are so you can step into your fullest integrated self as a wild, wise woman in the here and now? You are invited to a love affair with the greatest Beloved: the Divine, the ALL THAT IS. Claim your sexuality as sacred, your gateway and flowering into living an embodied life.

Explore Tantra as a communion with all of existence, a deep attuning into how the life force expands, circulates and expresses through the inner pathways of your body with grace, power and lusciousness. Decode the mysteries of the feminine and take up conscious residence in your body with love, in full radiant womanness – tender yet strong, receptive and discerning. Feel the full embrace of the Great Mother and learn to trust your deepest understanding. Unleash your wild sweet nectar through a rigorous yet surrendered dance of grounding, centering, balancing and opening to mystery.

Join master teachers of embodiment Banafsheh and Tony in a playful, ecstatic yet deeply fulfilling and healing tapestry of guided and free-style dance, live music, whirling, chanting, voice training, meditation, Goddess wisdom, Sufi teachings and lots of laughter.

You will learn:

-How to come in touch with and express your feminine sensual radiance
-Elements of Persian dance as an expression of the divine feminine
-The movement meditation of Sama/whirling
-Taoist secrets of love for cultivating female sexual energy
-Vocal techniques taught by Tony Khalife
-The poetry Rumi
-Zikr or chanting
-Grounding, releasing, centering and opening dance and movement techniques in preparation for
-Sama/whirling, Persian dance and flamenco
-Divine feminine wisdom
-Tools to access joy, peace, lucidity and sensuality in your daily life
-For Women only. Mixed Levels.

Suitable for women with a background in dance and movement. The pre-requisite is a desire to connect your mind, body, feelings and soul through sacred movement. This workshop fulfills 26 hours towards the 200/400-hr Dance of Oneness® Certification Program.

Please dress comfortably in what makes you feel beautiful and bring a notebook, and soft-soled shoes or socks to dance in. 

Multiversity is a beautiful new center in Santa Cruz with great lodging, food and lots of activities to take advantage of that augment our workshop.

Tuition: $400, not including accommodations
Call 1-844-544-1440 or email: info@1440.org