TANTRA SACRED DANCE Retreats for Women

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Retreats for Women
in Sweden
with Ma Deva Vibha
(the founding teacher
of Tantra Sacred Dance)
Welcome Dear Sisters ~
We are offering you 2 Life Transforming Residential Retreats this Summer in beautiful Sweden!
You are invited to come together in a Sacred Circle of women to experience and enliven your beautiful essence through Tantra Sacred Dance and other transformational methods.
The Retreats offer you a portal into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine and the freeing of your Inner Goddess.
Deep healing and rapid transformation is possible on a personal level but also among the sisterhood of women who come together, sharing and experiencing each other in a way that is deeply profound and sacred.
You’ll be guided into practices designed to awaken your inner essence of love and innate ecstasy.
Through the experience of Embodying the Divine, you elicit an awakening of your full feminine potential and simultaneously support the Return of the Sacred Feminine to our world.
4 Days Residential Retreats –
Accommodation and vegan meals are included.
July 20 – 23, 2023
August 10 – 13, 2023
8 am – 21 pm daily (including breaks)
Held on a beautiful private property in Ängelsberg, Sweden (2 hours travel from Stockholm) We will be living and dancing in a very big beautiful log house at the edge of the forest with a 5 minute walk to the lake and sauna. More details below and upon booking.
From ancient temples of the East reemerges the art of Tantra Sacred Dance ~
Now experiencing a rebirth in our contemporary world ~
Tantra Sacred Dance is a profoundly transformative and sensual dance meditation unfolding from the depths of your being. It is not a performance but a revelation of your essence ~ your Divine Nature. It expands and refines your capacity for receptivity and attunes you to the divine energy flow of Existence. The Dance unites your body, heart and soul ~ awakening your Inner Goddess.
In Tantric tradition women are considered embodiments of Shakti, or the Goddess; the female expression of the Divine. Tantra Sacred Dance offers you a portal into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine and the Freeing of your Inner Goddess.
When women gather together in a sacred space, and dive deep into the inner mysteries of the divine feminine, profound opening and healing can occur.
Through the practice of Tantra Sacred Dance we create a safe and supportive container for us to once again embody the wisdom, power and grace of the Goddess.
Bringing awareness to the sensations and movements of your body, you enliven your ‘womb space’. This is where your goddess energy resides; the source of your wisdom, power, creativity and ecstasy.
When you are fully present and open to inner vibration and subtle energy, the experience for the dancer and the witness of the dance becomes a profound catalyst for transformation and awakening.
We experience a deeper merging with love and grace that empowers us, fulfills us and ripples out into all aspects of our lives.
‘When the dancer disappears in her dance she is divine.
You are showered with blessings.
For the first time you come to know your grandeur, the splendor of your being.’
~ Osho
A variety of authentic tantra meditations, techniques and healing methods will also be included through out the Immersion. They are chosen to support the opening within your body necessary for the Dance and to deepen and expand your capacity to embody the Divine Feminine.
Many of the techniques being offered in this immersion are also especially selected for women and can be practiced alone – reconnecting you with the infinite source of love within you.
You will also learn some partner tantra techniques that can deepen love and transport you into the realm of the sacred, allowing you to journey together on a transformational path of ecstasy.
All are honoring and open you to a deeper intimacy and communion within yourself, others and the Divine.
‘Tantra can transform the whole earth. It is one of the greatest treasures that is lying there, unused.
The day, humanity uses it,
a new love will surround the earth.
The earth will become aglow with a new love.’
~ Osho
~ Awaken your true essence and infinite potential. Enter the dimension of the Sacred. Embody your Inner Goddess and experience the grace of being danced by the Divine.
~ Be supported in a safe circle of women as you witness each other’s flowering and powerful transmissions through the practice of Sacred Dance.
~ Learn additional Tantra techniques to practice alone. Healing and empowering yourself as you discover the immense source of love within you.
~ Learn partner techniques that can bring love and transformation to your relationship. Merge sexuality and spirituality through the sacred alchemy of Tantra.
~ Learn practices that supports your own growth and expansion and the awakening of the Sacred Feminine in our world.
~~ The Awakening of the Sacred Feminine is urgently needed now for all of humanity and the survival of our planet.
Dance experience is not necessary but the experience of some personal spiritual practice(s) is essential. This retreat will offer you a variety of transformational structures, practices, meditations and the Tantra Sacred Dance. Through deeply experiencing the methods offered, much healing, self love, empowerment and personal transformation can occur. The retreat is Not a therapy group. We recommend that you have already done some inner healing work. This will enable you to more fully access your beautiful Divine Feminine potential. This is the focus and intention during the Retreat, and to Enjoy!
Vibha is the founder of Tantra Sacred Dance. She is working and teaching internationally in the field of Tantra since 1990. She was initiated by the Enlightened Mystic Osho in India in 1979 and lived there, immersing herself totally in the world of meditation, dance and inner transformation, for 25 years.
During those years she was also trained and certified through the Academy of Healing Arts, the Institute of Love and Consciousness, the School of Mysticism and the Meditation Academy of the Osho Multiversity with international masters of their fields.
Vibha has extensively trained in Tantra and Tantra Sacred Dance with many teachers. Most notably in the field of Tantra with Ma Ananda Sarita from Tantra Essence, where she was a teacher for many years.
Vibha is the founder of Tantra Sacred Dance and Goddess Awakening.
She offers Groups, Retreats and Teacher Trainings. Additionally she offers, Tantra Workshops, Reiki Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings. She has a University degree in Psychology (USA).
Her offerings are in support of women honoring themselves and awakening to their true inner beauty and potential.
REFERRAL from Ma Ananda Sarita
Tantra Master, Mystic & Founder of Tantra Essence.
‘Ma Deva Vibha is has been steeped in Tantra, Dance and Meditation for many years, both in Osho’s community in India and also in the USA and the U.K. She has assisted and co-taught with me on numerous occasions, and was a teacher through Tantra Essence for many years. Her presence is always a gift to any group she graces with her presence. She is proficient in Womens groups, Singles and Couples Tantra. Her transmission of the divine feminine is an inspiration for women of any age.’
Malin Jónsfru is a life-artist with her field of interest in the BODY. As a means of expression (song, dance, drama), but also as a best friend. (Including the body’s needs for security and growth into wholeness). She moves in a combination of healing and playing.
She has extensive experience in creating workshops and holding space for ceremonies and events for women.
She is happy to now be able to contribute to the Divine Feminine in the atmosphere of Vibha’s Tantra Sacred Dance Retreats this summer on her beautiful property in Sweden.
Referral from Ma Deva Vibha –
We are very fortunate to have Malin Jonsfru with us in the Retreat!
Malin is an accredited teacher of Tantra Sacred Dance and she will enrich the retreat profoundly. Her depth of being and ability to embody and transmit the Divine is a rare and awesome gift. We are are so very blessed and grateful that she will be joining us and offering some teachings during the Retreats and hosting us on her land.
Hanna Modig is taking care of our delicious meals. She has a great deal of experience with group settings and healing work and will bring us safety, beauty and nutritious meals.
3 beautiful nutritious vegan meals a day are included in the Retreat.
Our venue is private and near the forest with a view of the lake.
We will living and dancing in a very big beautiful log house. Sleeping accommodation will be with 2 women to a room. The house has a kitchen and group room as well as comfortable accommodation for everyone.
Please contact Malin for booking and regarding any questions or special needs you might have. We wish everyone to be very comfortable and Enjoy!
Her email is frukonstnar@gmail.com
An exploration through movement to gently awaken the senses and support you in bringing deep presence to the here and now.
Sacred space for Being in Silence and Nature
11-14 – TANTRA
A variety of authentic tantra meditations, techniques and healing methods will also be offered through out the retreat. They will support the opening within your body necessary for the Dance and to deepen and expand your capacity to embody the Divine Feminine.
Techniques being offered in this retreat can be practiced alone and you will also learn some partner tantra techniques.
All are honoring and open you to a deeper intimacy and communion within yourself, others and the Divine.
14-15 – LUNCH
Tantra Sacred Dance is a profoundly transformative and sensual dance meditation unfolding from the depths of your being. It is not a performance but a revelation of your essence your Divine Nature. It expands and refines your capacity for receptivity and attunes you to the divine energy flow of Existence. The Dance awakens your Inner Goddess. We will deepen every afternoon into our Divine Feminine potential through various forms of this Dance.
Integrating and enjoying through creativity, and sharing in community. Outdoors in a fire circle with singing, ceremony and more… all in nature as much as possible!
6150 kr – early bird price when booked up to 4 weeks before the retreats begin.
6600 kr – price of 4 day residential retreat
Early booking is encouraged as the founding teacher of Tantra Sacred Dance, Ma Deva Vibha, is in Sweden only for the Summer and places are expected to fill quickly. Venue space is limited. Early booking is recommended!
For bookings, practicals & questions regarding the Retreat
please contact – Facilitator and Organizer ~ Malin Jonsfru
at frukonstnar@gmail.com
Practicals, schedule and other info will be sent prior to the retreat.
Tantra Sacred Dance Retreats and Trainings ~
‘How can 4 days even be filled with so much love, bliss and blessings?
I am marinated and forever changed.
Forever grateful to my courage to come.
Thank you for being the portal to my goddess life.
~ Malin, Retreat Immersion
‘The Tantra Sacred Dance Retreat has been a blessing. Vibha has opened by heart with her ever lasting love and compassion. I am forever grateful for taking a jump into the unknown and coming. I feel so rich and thankful for these days. It has truly changed my life. I’m walking away from this retreat with love in my heart and love in my eyes. Ready to be the goddess in my life and shine my light.’
~ Emma, Retreat Immersion
‘I have been journeying, dancing and loving into the sacred divine feminine and what I have remembered, reclaimed and healed, has been a truly powerful life changing experience. I am now functioning from a place, that before this course, was displaced/lost in me for a while now. I feel whole, renewed and empowered as I stand in my truth as a beautiful divine woman. The changes feel so powerful, that there will be changes in my service offerings. Vibha’s radiant gaze alone transmits a welcoming home, a place of divine essence. Her Tantra Sacred Dance Teacher Training course is an essential journey for all us women. Vibha holds impeccably a healing transformative space, which allows everyone to embrace God/Goddess/The Divine. I am humbled and so grateful for you Vibha, your work, your truth, your gifts, the transmissions. For what you are doing for the healing of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine through the Tantra Sacred Dance is a gift to humanity.‘
~ Lari, UK
‘So overwhelmed with love and gratitude . This training in Tantric Sacred Dance has been mind blowing! Deep communion with the divine , rapid transformation , beautiful transmissions and most of all a clear sign of moving away from the old and into the new.
So want to shout out about my beautiful Tantra Sacred Dance Teacher Deva Vibha, she is a force of Divine Light, bringing this sacred Temple dance back to birth the Divine Feminine in all the women it touches !!
My dear Teacher, Deva Vibha ~ You are an inspiration. Your whole life dedication to work in truth and love shines out of your soul. Thank you!’
~ Collette, UK
‘Beyond words – amazing! So deep and powerful. Vibha’s presence of acceptance and love transmitted the essence of the dance and tantra so beautifully. All of the meditation techniques were very heart and soul opening and supported the sacred dance perfectly. The sacred container she created for the dance training allowed us to dive very deeply. Thank you from the core of my heart and soul.’
~ Jaial, USA
‘I appreciated sooooo many things about the training. What I loved and appreciated above all was that this training was taught by Vibha with whom I am totally in awe and in love with after this training. I loved that she put her whole heart and soul into giving us the best transmission she possibly could. How she shared her personal experiences with us from her heart. How she always looked at us with such love, support and blessings in her eyes; this would melt my heart, make me feel precious and make me deeply willing to look at myself, at others and at the whole world with the same eyes.’
~ Carole, France
‘I had the privilege to attend Tantra Sacred Dance for Women with Ma Deva Vibha. As each woman who was there dropped into her dance, I was so moved..so touched by the beauty of divine essence moving through her in such a pure, unique way, .. there was also a sense of remembering. Yes, my sisters. We used to do this and were deeply honoured for it. For our capacity to embody Goddess. Tears of joy, heart opening, relief, home-coming, gratitude… to have been witnessed with recognition and reverence for opening myself to Shakti’s sacred flow. filled with Shakti spirit, being consumed and given over to Her entirely and making love with life itself. To anyone who is called, I highly recommend you take Deva Vibha’s Tantra Sacred Dance Retreat or Training. What a remarkably gracious woman, who utterly embodies the Divine Feminine and has so much wisdom and light to share! Namaste.’
~ Beverly, UK
‘Attending Vibha’s retreats, classes and private sessions changed my life in many ways. It gave me a confidence and it gave me a space inside I can always return to and feel supported. I feel more feminine. The techniques recharge me when I’m feeling stressed. They bring out my goddess essence and I feel more whole. I learned a lot. I know I now have tools to transform my life. I know I have a solution. She introduced me to something sacred and awesome.’
~ Ania , London , UK

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