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5Rhythms®: Still Compassion

Stillness opens the door to the connection to self, partner, community and the divine unknown. The state of Stillness dissolves all rhythms into one. It is here that we touch into the great emptiness that unifies all aspects of life.

In the previous sessions of this series we will deeply investigate the emotions. The benefit of cultivating a relationship with our emotions is that it helps us expand our capacity to be with what is. By connecting with fear, courage, anger, forgiveness, sorrow and joy, we cultivate the ground to connect with the nature of compassion.

In this session, we arrive prepared to dive into the realm of compassion. We will cultivate the skills of self-compassion as well as compassion for all beings. Through these dances we able to recognize that we are not alone in what we have been through. We are connected to a world of people who have also danced these dances.

By doing the sacred work of healing ones own heart, we can then be of service to all beings in a clear and clean way. We become skillful at dancing through life with an agile and compassionate heart. We contain the ability to move with whatever emotions arise. In turn we are able to remain in more balance and equanimity as these emotions arise in ourselves and others. This is the dance of heart. This is the dance of life.

All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms Teachers Training Prerequisites.

2 weeks access to recorded content for worldwide dancers in all time zones.

Class Donations:

All classes are being offered now by donation.

Generosity is more than a personal practice, it is a universal concept that every one of has benefitted from. Everybody alive today is alive because of the generosity of somebody else. Your donation is not payment for goods or services; it is given purely from the heart.

Please donate on a sliding scale between $65-125 depending on your comfort level. For partial and full scholarship, we simply ask that you send a one-paragraph email to lucia@luciahoran.com explaining your situation and we will be in contact with you.

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