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5Rhythms®: Staccato Forgiveness

In Gabrielle Roth’s own words, “We are the strongest, when we are the most vulnerable.” Join us as we dance into the power of our individual Staccato nature. It is this powerful space that allows us to touch into the strength of our inner vulnerability.

This dance is an investigation into the sacred nature of our healing path. How have you been hurt in this lifetime? How have your boundaries been crossed? As we dance we focus the somatics of healing core wounds. In doing so to face what needs to be accepted and forgiven.

As survivors, we have been asked to over come and heal many things. Where are you in this process? By following the Path of The Wounded Healer, we will honor where we are and align to the next stage of our healing. By practicing acceptance and forgiveness we cultivate the environment for healing to take place.

You are invited to join this circle to hold what should not be held alone. It is here that we excavate the stories of the past into the creativity of the present. From this place we cultivate an environment of healing, joy and peacefulness.

All workshop hours contribute to 5Rhythms Teachers Training Prerequisites.

2 weeks access to recorded content for worldwide dancers in all time zones.

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