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Soul Motion® Foundations ~ a five-day Practicum of the Soul Motion School ~a map of the Soul Motion practice, facilitated by Camilla Steen Larsen and Doreen Tönjes in Northern Germany


Leading a vibrant and more dynamic life is learning to play with our edges and connect to our inner workings. The ability to meet everyday challenges with care and kindness are enhanced when we move with a sense of our core self. Soul Motion is a practice where we cultivate our capacity to listen to the profound wisdom of our bodies and the quiet whisperings of soul. This unique movement practice focuses on somatic explorations and offers specific tools that enable anyone to tune into and cultivate their own precious inner life.

From this place, we meet the world with grace.
Fully Alive. Fully Present.

While this course is a deeper dive for seasoned movers, it is an essential step into the architecture and foundational elements that support the practice of Soul Motion. Come as you are: no previous experience is needed. Together we explore the key elements that make this powerful practice unique. Foundations include the movement tools, somatic languaging, and relational landscapes and platforms of Soul Motion.

Join this dance duo for an engaging and playful dive into the essentials of Soul Motion!

This five-day immersion for those just beginning the Soul Motion path, as well as seasoned Soul Motion veterans looking to refresh, is a deep dive into the architecture and essentials that support this practice.

Soul Motion’s 4 Relational Landscapes: dancing alone, dancing with another, dancing with everyone, dancing in the-every-day.

Soul Motion’s Activity Platforms: pause presence, orbit orientation and echo inspiration.

Foundations is an enrollment-based program open to all / everyone interested in the fundamentals of the work. It is also the required entry-level program to enroll in all other Soul Motion School studies.

SCHEDULE: June 3-7, 2020


Hof Oberlethe, Northern Germany

Mark your calendars! Registration isn’t open yet.

Tuition discount to Certified Soul Motion Teacher and Leadership Graduates – please inquire.
Contact Camilla [alumni@SoulMotion.com] for details.