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We are living in an extraordinary world with much uncertainty, and personal and universal challenges and opportunities. Within these times, within all times, living a purposeful and connected life that enhances the communities we move within is possible. Truly, it is essential.
The Soul Motion Embodied Leadership Program is a deep dive into specific ways to meet the rise and fall of each moment with grounded embodiment and a heightened ability to source and cultivate insights from a rich internal life. This program is carefully designed to support and guide you to expand your capacity to live in the world in meaningful relationships and as an embodied leader.
This program is Australia / NZ and USA time zone friendly.
Beginning: October 28 – Nov 1, 2021
Deepening: December 10-13, 2021
~ Connecting: Series of six weekly classes: dates + times TBA
Expanding: February 3-6, 2022
Moving Together: March 16 – 21, 2022
Times each day: 9.30am – 1.30pm ACST, Adelaide, AUS
USA East & West Coast friendly. See link for more timezone conversions
Read more on this 6 month program, dates, times, teachers, fees and how to register your place.

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