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Calling All Intrepid Female Explorers . . .
Soul Kitchen’s Ladies Lab joyously offers women opportunities to grow stronger and more confident by finding, enjoying and reclaiming our power, pleasure, expression & creativity.
A sensuous and womanly playground to hiss, punch, grunt, growl, roar, slink, gyrate – lay still and sob – all in one place.
dress to move and express and feel exquisite
*please arrive early for prompt 10am start*
Wonder Women ACTIVATE! Soul Kitchen’s Ladies Lab is a space of togetherness & vitality practices to lift, support & nourish us: filling our cups with connectivity & creativity ~ because women need women.
Providing rich opportunities for connection, creativity, support, empowerment, health and wholeness: In our 1st hour together each week we’ll warm up, move & meditate ~ and in our 2nd hour we’ll enjoy art, writing & circle.
~ ~ ~ An Invitation to Embrace Your Sensuality ~ ~ ~
We will be enjoying meditation to break the rules – in defiance of every expectation you have of meditation – challenging our inhibitions against our own pleasure, wildness, and joy.
**Make sure to wear clothing that makes you feel ALIVE, sensuous, SULTRY, silky, SLINKY, swanky, VIBRANT, illicitly GOOD!.**
Because, “Women need a different kind of meditation approach. Meditation should be joyful, sensuous, engaged, alive. It should be rooted in pleasure.” ~ ~ ~ Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maureen
**Please arrive early (with mat, cushion, water, journal) for prompt 10 am start time**