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“There is always the contradiction, the tangle, the knot of attempting to understand that, which can only be embodied.” (Q’uo)

We all have our relationship with ‘soft and strong’, ‘gentle and powerful’, ‘compassionate and fierce’, ‘pushing and being pulled’.

In this workshop we will dive into our physical responses to the seemingly different qualities of ‘soft and gentle’ on one side, ‘strong and powerful’ on the other side. We will do this through movement and playful enquiry.

We will expose our trained reflexes and look into how we can move with more freedom as well as connect with our physical creative intuition. We will look into ways of unlearning (dis-covering) as opposed to learning something new.

There is a great difference between ‘words’ and ‘movement’. A word can be understood mentally and analogies drawn from it. Movement can be felt in the body and related to through physical intuition. These two different ways through which we perceive, sometimes overlap and sometimes not. In movement and dance there is a joy and wisdom, that can only be related to through being in movement.

We will use the map of 5Rhythms as a guide.

We will practice:Fierce fluidity as a basis (Flowing)

Sensuous direction in action (Staccato)

Reassurance beyond control (Chaos)

Openness in discovery (Lyrical)

Connection in breath (Stillness)

We will have the opportunity to share through movements and words.

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