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In these funky, frenetic times, we need our feet on the ground, our instincts intact and our intuition in full force. Being true to the signs and signals that come from within is our survival art, not to mention a way to move with integrity in a world in flux. Hidden in chaos, like the eye of the hurricane, is the moving center, your power center, a place deep in your belly that holds your equilibrium and harmony. The way to this center is a deep medicine journey, a journey of blood, bones and sweat — nothing less than an intimate affair with yourself.

When we are this connected to our true self, we respond instinctively and intuitively, rather than from fear or habit. We know when to stay and when to go, when to speak and when to be silent, when to be patient and when to push, when to rush full tilt and when to be still. And so we move. Fueled by the ecstatic language of the 5Rhythms®, this is movement as spiritual practice, a dancing, kinetic prayer of connection to the unpredictable mystery of it all.


Saturday 11am to 6 pm
Sunday 11am to 6 pm
Monday 11am to 6 pm
Tuesday 11am to 3 pm

*Friday class is recommended as part of the workshop but not mandatory.

Workshop 3000 Dkr. ( 3200 with open evening ) 
2700 if payed before june 10th (2900 with open evening)

Open evening alone 300 Dkr.