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We know setting up and getting your MM class or workshops or other Professional offering going can be challenging. Additionally, as time passes we have recognised that teaching MM has some particular challenges sewn into it. This CPD module is a Teacher’s Retreat to refresh, support, inspire your professional practice wherever you are in that. It is open to all Movement Medicine Professionals, including facilitators, though it will be focused on teaching MM. You don’t need to have done the Heart and Seer CPD module in order to take part, though if you have, that is cool.

This Teacher’s Retreat is designed to support you in your basic (which is, as well all know, NOT so basic) professional practice.

We’ll be looking at several areas:

How to get your classes really DANCING and to dance out of their comfort zones into greater freedom and awareness. How to rest in the profundity of who YOU are and let your teaching be simple, clear and accessible
Refreshing the ground of your MM teaching and personal practice. This is: conceptual (your inner understanding) communication (how you use language to motivate and inspire) and about your personal experience and embodiment
Peer support and learning. There is so much wisdom in our field. Taking time to listen share, harvest, support and learn together with your MM colleagues. One of the themes here will be looking at possibilities to move beyond the assumption that you should stick to the public class format. There are many groups of people in society who could benefit from MM. How might we access them? How might our practice have to shift?
Looking at how to use social media and marketing with input from Laura Valenti and Mira Khanya. We are aware that this is a big challenge for many of us and most of us could do with some input. Mira and Laura have been specialising in learning about this and will be bringing their teachings and learnings about this to share with us all.