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Shamanic Trance Dance is an opportunity to drop into your inner landscape through being blindfolded and moving into the rhythm of the music, which often induces a visionary state and has the capacity to give you answers, insights and healing.

It is similar to Ecstatic Awakening Dance in that it is a 5 stage process, warm-up, shake, trance-dance, grounding and visualization.

Maybe there is a question bubbling up inside that you would like clarity on or you are in the midst of life changes and you’re not sure how you feel about them?

Maybe you have heard tried other Shamanic Practices and would love to meet your power animals in the dance?

By using Shamanic Trance Dance you can access alternate states of consciousness & transmute any blocked energy into a source of empowerment. There is an opportunity to really dive inside yourself, all external distractions are taken away when we lose our sight. We are then able to tune into our soul essence and align ourselves with the intuitive heart, seeing much more clearly and discovering perhaps that under all the busyness of life that we are actually alright. Whether you a presenting with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual questions or limitations this dance can help to dissolve any layers of armouring and help you feel a sense of wonder again.

The beauty of Shamanism is that it does not believe in prolonging dependency on outside intervention, instead it encourages us to take charge of their own healing and insights.
We may work within our group in any number of Shamanic Ways, using ceremony, prayer & intention journeying on both the inner and outer landscapes. There are a few core practices that we may tap into during a group or 1:1 session.

There are many ways to work with shamanism Rebecca also work’s with individuals from her home in Penallt near Monmouth in Wales.

She will be happy to give you a free 15-minute consultation through Skype or Zoom to ascertain what might be needed. The initial work would be focused on but not limited to the 3 sessions below.

Soul retrieval:
Soul loss can happen for many different reasons usually through some type of physical or emotional trauma, such as accidents, surgery, or abuse of some kind, although it can also happen over time, if a person’s feelings and truths have been constantly denied by having to conform to the “family system” or “school System”, a part of a person’s soul will escape in order to survive and may not want or may not be able to find the way back. This often results in the person feeling empty and trying to fill the void with something else to varying degrees.

Shamanic Extraction:
This process extracts energy blockages in the body and can often help with physical pain freeing the body system to allowing healing and higher energy vibration to enter the cells and DNA it is always followed by:

Power Animal Retrieval:

This experience is one of the blessings of Shamanic work by bringing back power animals, one gets in touch with the natural world and a personal adventure is undertaken to get to know your unique gifts and strengths through communication with your own animal guide.

Please contact me for your free consultation.

Shamanism in times of change

Rebecca qualified as a Shamanic Practitioner in 2006 with The Sacred Trust where she continues to meet and greet all the potential new students of this path by assisting on the Shaman’s Pathway with Simon Buxton and Darkness Visible. Rebecca has a deep connection to the sacred land of Avebury and its healing power as the womb of England.

Everything is energy and energy is always in motion.

Shamanism is a practice that is close to my heart, through this medium I have connected with a rich source of comfort and sense of belonging. Journeying within the shamanic realms enables a deep resting, instilling a sense of reverence for natural world and all its inhabitants, as well as developing a relationship with multi-dimensional aspects of myself. As Simon Buxton says “The shamanic realms are a place of no pain, filled with compassionate loving beings, why wouldn’t you want to spend an hour or two a week in this place”

The one thing that strikes me most about Shamanism is that in all our histories we can trace our ancestry back to a time when we were practicing Shamanism in our day to day life. This is a given; the only fact in question is how far back we must go in our and this will depend on our ancestral roots. This means that shamanism lies deep in our bones and is available to tune into should our hearts desire lead us there.

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