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New year’s Eve  dance Ceremony

We honour the past that has brought us to this moment, we celebrate the opportunity to take the next step, we dance deep and sweat the prayers for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our community, for the wide web of Life and Creation.
We drum, we sing, we dance, we make a visual of our intentions for the next year, we plant the seed of our dreams and water them with love and presence and trust


led by Lucija Glagolic Hora (5Rhythms) and Marin Kovacevic Hora (Movement Medicine)

the Ceremony lasts form the afternoon of December 31st  until the late morning of the January 1st, with a few hours of sleep inside the ceremonial space, to let our dream bodies dance as well in prayer and setting the intentions for the year to come.
After closing the ceremony we end the workshop with a community breakfast to nourish what we have planted