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Roots & Resonance
with Kate-Marie Mutsaers & Adam Griffin
6 week online Immersion
October 4th/11th/18th/25th & November 1st/ 8th
10.30-12.30 PST USA /18:30 – 20:30 BST / 19:30 – 21:30 CET
“Resonance is leaning into your own sense of the unknown, to intuit and cultivate a personalised practice of listening to where life is nudging you and calling you” Mark Nepo
Everything in our world is made up of vibration, always in motion, always finding its place. The human body is forever evolving and changing, adapting, pulsing and vibrating according to the relationship of what is deeply rooted within and what oscillates in its surrounding environment. As we begin to cultivate awareness and presence of all the elemental terrains of the body (air, water, earth, fire, mineral and space) we have the opportunity to step more fully into a harmonic relationship with our world around us and all the interconnections that exists.
Join us on this movement odyssey, as we learn together to return home to that which resonates within the presence of this body and beyond in our Temenous, the safe harbour of our own place and presence.
The Soul motion Conscious Movement practice offers ways of cultivating listening, pausing, practising and sensing our own unique body felt sense, our unique movement signature. It is these elements that create our own Resonance and a sense of our personal sovereignty, our home rooted from within and our individuation.
Immersion Price – £110
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About Kate Mutsaers
Kate-Marie holds a deep passion in being present with people as they listen, discover and learn the language of their own unique body. With over 25 years of professional and lived experience, she serves across three key modalities that are uniquely woven together for each person or group. She uses her training as a Psychotherapist, a Samvahan Vedic practitioner and a Soul Motion® Conscious Movement teacher to creatively hold a supportive and inclusive space for all. Kate-Marie’s resources from a rich internal life and loves to embrace and explore in relationship with others.
About Adam Griffin
Adam is part of the Totnes Dance Community in the UK.
His teaching comes from a blend of somatic enquiry into the nature of our body felt sense and the practice of trust and being with our innate abilities as movement artists and wild beings.
He has been working with nature as a gardener, native woodland restorer and an aspiring re-wilder of landscapes, humans and society.
Adam is a qualified Soul Motion teacher & CCI Co-counsellor. He is a father of 2 and partner to Leela Fisk with whom he is building a family eco house.

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