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A Movement Medicine 3 day workshop, residential, at the magical Temple of the Earth, in Aljezur, Portugal.
During 3 full days, we will move, share, resource, connect with the elements within and all around, giving space to whatever is moving inside our hearts.
Using the Elements map, we will explore and move with Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether:
⛰ Earth welcomes slowing down, resting deeply, finding safety and nourishment again in our own bodies, as well as strength and support.
🔥 Fire calls for integrity, alignment, welcoming our passion, clarity, expression, our lust for life.
💧 Water softens, heals and melts the hard corners in body, mind and heart, bringing fluidity to our movement and emotional body.
🌬 So there is more space for Air…bringing lightness, possibility, dreaming and playfulness.
⭕️ Until we meet in the center. The Heart ❤️
This is an opportunity to connect and dive deeper in the dance, as well as a longer time to listen, reconnect and feel our bodies and hearts.
This is deep work that can be extremely nourishing, releasing, transformational and fun!
Sometimes a part of ourselves can finally find safety and freedom to be felt and be with. Sometimes it is just about enjoying dancing with others, sharing stories around the fire, swimming in the lake, and dancing some more. Most times is both 😊
Rooted in the Heart comes from a longing for us to live and meet each other from the depths of our core. From our hearts, from what is alive and real.
In a way that feels safe and free.
You are welcome, exactly as you are❤️

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