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Free community offering to learn rest & restoration practices in cultivating community care as part of caring for ourselves and each other.

We’re so excited to announce our fall community event – Rest Refill Renew: Reclaiming Rest as Community Care on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022 at El Sereno Community Garden.

Taking inspiration from the soft dim lights of candles held close, and stars with their gentle illumination of the night sky, we invite you to join us for an autumn evening of rest and restoration. Take a break from the fluorescent, driving beams of lights from phone screens and offices to forage a few moments of relaxation, release, and renewal in the garden

As we enter the dusk of the year, we’re asking questions like: what is it like to be in relationship with community and the land in a way that supports everyone getting the rest they need? How do we take the onus off of individual responsibility for “self-care” and create communal practices that ensure there is enough time and space for rest to go around? What does it mean to rest more authentically? to dismantle the systems that would have us overworking ourselves into mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual disrepair?

One thing many folks on our staff relate to is seeing the constant messaging in our society to “rest” and “relax” but hardly ever seeing anyone break down how. What exactly does resting look like? How do I know if I’m fully rested? What specifically do I do?

At our dusk retreat event, we hope to explore:

• honoring the fluidity and changing ways we rest and renew every day
• figuring out ways that we can create community support around rest as a collective, embodied practice (instead of something sporadic or just another thing on a productivity to-do list)
• Moving away from our rest journey needing to become commodified—allowing ourselves the privacy we may crave

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