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Re-Enchanting our Wild Soul
Moving with your Cosmology
An Embodied Astrology Course
With Kate-Marie Mutsaers and Marg Murphy
“As personalised as each journey is, we all touch the same foundational truth of existence” Mark Nepo
The last few years have generated some threads of dis-enchantment, as some of our worldly and personal patterns have been one of separation, desolation and isolation.
Join us as we invite you towards connection, re-enchantment and inhabiting further your wildness. We will immerse ourselves with the map of astrology and conscious movement over 8 weeks to listen, learn, unlearn and relearn the patterns, cycles and elements we are traversing with everyday. We are already living and breathing our natal astrology chart and personal cosmology, so this immersion will guide us further and deeper into the intimacy with ourselves and the nature of all things, a way to re-enchant, embody and re-enter our wild soul of existence.
Astrology and Conscious Movement are both ancient practices that bring us closer to our own inner wisdom and connect us to our core resources of what it means to be human on this earth. The language of these two sacred arts already lives within all of us as our soul moves and mediates between what lies above (sky), below (earth) and around us (relational space). This forms our personal cross of matter in astrology and holds a deeper story of our personal dance of connection between the ground and sky (your vertical body) and the way we relate to our world around us (your horizontal body). We will also explore intimately the 5 main elements that exist within and around us (fire, earth, air, water and space) along with the vibrational mood of our personal cosmology, whether that be Cardinal (Initiating energy), Mutable (Finding flexibility) or Fixed (Building & Stability).
Restoring our own balance, recognising our wildness and re-imagining our sense of enchantment is the cosmic healing dance for ourselves and our mother earth.
This offering includes:
– A personal chart to work with during the course.
– An electronic workbook (to be printed by participant)
– An embodied experience of your personal cosmology through your personal chart.
– An understanding of how the main elements (fire, earth, air, water & space) move within you and your personal chart.
– A deeper understanding of your personal cross of matter which holds your personal dance of connection between sky, earth and around you.
No previous knowledge or experience in astrology or movement is needed as this experiential work we will accommodate all levels of understanding and abilities
Sundays – 8 weeks
9am – 11am CET (Paris)
7pm – 9pm AEST (Sydney)
February 12th – April 2nd
Sessions are recorded for participants only – available for viewing only
Cost is on a Sliding Scale and in Australian dollars
Immersion price – $400
Sponsorship Price – $440 (If you wish to support another to join)
Scholarship Price – $360 (If you are experiencing financial difficulties)
Contact Kate-Marie: /
About Marg
Margs passion for astrology was awakened in the early 70s. It provided a trajectory of enquiry that took her far from her lived experience and opened new vision and imaginings. She has studied formally with Maurice Silver, Brian Clark, Glennys Lawton and Bernadette Brady over the intervening years and her passion has not ceased. She also brings with her a rich background as a trained educator and psychologist, working with young people and adults from diverse backgrounds.
Marg is passionate about listening and learning of people’s stories and bringing them alive in multiple ways. Her natural ability as a storyteller brings a richness to learning astrology that is unique, accessible and practical. Marg studied ancient, medieval and modern astrology and brings a fusion of these traditions to her courses along with the invitation of how to use ritual and ceremony in astrology. She gives personal chart readings and facilitates Astro Camps in the Central Australian desert along with other workshops / retreats around Australia and overseas.
About Kate-Marie
Kate-Marie holds a deep passion in being present with people as they listen, discover and learn the language of their own unique body and soul. With over 25 years of professional and lived experience, she serves across three key modalities that are uniquely woven together for each person or group. She uses her training and clinical experience as a registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist for digesting emotions, Samvahan Vedic Massage for supporting the body to find harmony, balance and peace and Soul Motion® Conscious Movement Practice to enliven and integrate with creativity and curiosity. Kate-Marie’s soul purpose is to be resourced from a rich internal life and to continue to embrace and explore in relationship with others.

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