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Are you feeling disconnected from your body and want to use dance & movement to reconnect with yourself?

If your body is begging you to move and you need help starting, I have the perfect introductory session for you.

I’ll help you deeply connect to your body through dance. You will release your emotions, thoughts, and fears so that you can easily flow through your body’s desire to move.

When you connect to your body, you allow yourself to get out of your head. Once you tune in to movement, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your body will reveal what you’ve been missing in your life.

I’ll assess what your body is revealing to you so that you know what you’ve been repressing in your body. I’ll also give you specific movements to come back to after our session to address where you’ve been holding back. I’m a board-certified dance/movement therapist with expertise in movement behavior analysis, so you will get the full report!

This introductory session is $97 USD for 60 minutes and includes an email follow-up with written instructions on how to get right back into the movement on your own. Instructions will include modifications tailored to your physical abilities and emotional needs.

If you’re interested, please contact me at to book your session at a time convenient for you!


1. We meet on Zoom for our scheduled hour
2. We briefly talk about your current desires, fears, and any physical limitations with movement
3. I slowly ease you into movement through a guided body scan that you can receive lying down, sitting down, or standing up
4. As I guide you, I invite you to feel how your body wants to respond to your body’s sensations. This typically turns into deeper breathing, bigger stretching, and/or more movement; there is no “right” or “wrong” response.
5. I mirror your movements and try them on in my own body to deeply sense your experience (and so I’m not just watching you)
6. I help you organically expand these movements based on what I observe about your instincts
7. We find a satisfying way to bring this movement to a gradual close
8. You describe your experience from your perspective
9. I describe my experience of you, from my perspective
10. I assess what your body has revealed, how it relates to repressed emotion and behavior, and I suggest your next steps

No previous movement experience necessary!

Longer term packages are also available starting at $350 USD, please contact me for more information.