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When we are facing unknown futures on every level, when we’re scared, angry or hurting — that’s when we need steady ground within us. That’s when we need to be able to trust our instincts, to find our way in the dark. That’s when it’s useful to know how to stay centred in the midst of chaos, to know our own truth. That’s when it’s essential to have some experience behind you, to practice these skills before you need them.
This is the point of creating foundational practice: so that when life gets big, we’re strong enough to stay centred, feet on the earth, open handed, with clear-seeing eyes, able to be response-able and creative with even highly charged emotional states. Able to do what we know deep down is right, even if it’s hard. Able to be in service to the big picture, part of the solution.
Let’s do it.
Dance. Be still. Speak the truth. Evolve.
Now is the moment of power.