Presence and Connection – 5Rhythms with Amber Ryan

//Presence and Connection – 5Rhythms with Amber Ryan
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We all want connection. We all want to belong. And most of us want to connect with something greater than ourselves to feel our place and space in this vast universe.

In any moment we can be connected or disconnected, present or off somewhere in the past or future. In this 5Rhythms® movement journey we will tap into a deeper connection with ourselves, moving through layers of light and shadow until they are dissolved into the vastness of our own inner source. From that place of depth we will build a bridge of connectivity to others, the tribe, the planet and beyond.

As we open and become more sensitive to what flows within and around us, subtle pathways of connectivity are revealed. Our instincts become more rooted, our intuition blossoms, and our ability to listen expands. Dance by dance we become more connected to what is important to us, we cultivate a willingness to have difficult conversations on and off the dance floor, and we arrive into a greater richness in all of our connections.