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Most of us are going through a lot of strong feelings at the moment. How are you doing with that? How are you doing deep down?

The mainstream narrative about emotional intelligence is incredibly limited. Far outside that box, there’s a wild and fine potential within us if we fully open through all of our feelings, and experience them as raw energy to be integrated and then used creatively.

That’s what this Pathways group is for: to practise the art of feeling. Learning to embody and express what we feel, we can begin to differentiate between what are unintegrated feelings from childhood, and what is true and present now. The clearer we become, the more able we are to channel our emotional energy as fuel for creative action in daily life.

Compassion is not pity. Its true nature is Open Loving — willing to feel everything, then we can bear seeing the truth. This is the foundation. When we’re open-hearted, everything else comes through freely.

Fear is not constriction. Its true nature is Dynamic Loving — giving us the power of courageous action.

Anger is not destructive. Its true nature is Fierce Loving — creating strong connections, change, and clear boundaries.

Grief is not a black hole. Its true nature is Transformational Loving — letting go of what was, to make space for the unknown.

Joy is not shallow. Its true nature is Radiant Loving — a shining delightful offering to the world around you.

Compassion belongs here too — there is no end, only cycles. Open Loving is the result of our exploration, as well as the foundation. As you go around this cycle of emotional intelligence, the whole field deepens and widens each time.

All this takes practice. Here’s a 5-week online study group for 25 dancers, using your movement practice to deepen and empower your life path in the company of others.

This is not an ordinary series of classes: the focus is on learning to create your own home practice both individually and with friends. There will be movement-based experiential learning in each session and information about practice styles, techniques, and more. Recordings will be available for you to keep.

You can learn to:

    • use movement, breath, sound and speech to stay clear, grounded and centred even when the going gets rough
    • learn how to navigate fear, rage and grief, and find the life-affirming power within those feelings
    • deepen your intuitive compass — an essential survival tool for when we can’t be sure of what information is true
    • improve your relationships, firstly by being honest with yourself, then by speaking the truth when the timing is right, with the intent to deepen connection
    • design a practice structure for yourself that is a joy to use and effective in energising your life-path
    • meet fellow travellers for support and optional sharing practice in between group sessions

There will be five weekly sessions, plus the option to set up a call with Adam and discuss any specific areas of your practice you wish to focus on.

The whole course will empower you to develop a daily practice that is a joy to use, whilst also challenging you to deepen and strengthen your inner resources, relationships, and creative path.

You’ll have the option to form connections with other group members for practice and mutual support on your path.

To make the most of the course, you will need a good internet connection via laptop or tablet, but also the desire to devote some time each day to embodied practice.

Sessions are 6-8.30pm on Wednesdays, UK time. Click here to figure out your time zone.

Dates: Feb 24, Mar 3, 10, 17, 31 (gap week on the 24th, but keep it booked in your diary!)

You can get a ticket with a 30-minute coaching session built-in, or add on longer or additional sessions later if you wish.

“It made a big difference in my life and supported me in some very challenging situations.” — Undine

“I have never felt anything like this before, feeling deeply connected with people who are strangers via Zoom.” — Tina

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