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Ground Floor Lab is an inside tour of Open Floor curriculum.

These labs are for you if:

You’re an aspiring teacher interested in applying for an Open Floor Teacher Training, and already have extensive personal experience in one or more movement modalities. You may not have enough study to apply train just yet, but can see if it’s something you’d like to work towards.

You’re a licensed psychology professional interested in adding movement to your work with clients. Experience in body-based modalities required.

You’re a working embodiment/dance teacher looking for new inspiration and skills.

You work in education, social work, hospice or other service professions and would like to integrate embodied movement into your work with students and/or clients.

The workshop includes:

Experiencing Open Floor Movement Practice
Universal movement principles that underlie all healing dance practice.
Professional debrief of the intention, structure and purpose of each movement exercise.
Open Floor International core values that inform us on and off the dance floor
A chance to learn about Dynamic Governance — our creative collaboration model.