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Ground Floor Lab is a five-day, in-depth tour of Open Floor movement practice. Open Floor International’s most seasoned teachers team up to immerse students in our dance curriculum. You’ll come away with an understanding of the core teachings and the skills to use them in your life, both on and off the dance floor.

This program attracts a diverse, international community of like-minded dancers who are interested in bringing embodied movement into their work and incorporating it into their lives. Attending a Ground Floor Lab is a prerequisite for anyone interested in training with Open Floor.

The teaching team has put a lot of thought, care and consideration into developing a program that utilizes online learning in ways that bring you the full Ground Floor Lab experience while maintaining the need for health and safety. We are movers who turn towards the body to inform and inspire. Our goal, at the end of 5 days, is for you to feel more curious, invigorated, alive and satisfied, from time and money well spent, as you explore on your dance journey.

There will be 30 hours of in-depth exploration of the Open Floor Curriculum. We will have 6 hours of engagement per day (this does not mean you will be glued to your zoom screen for the whole 6 hours).

Even though it will be taught differently than it would be in person, the teaching team is committed to bringing you the full Ground Floor Lab experience.

This will fulfill the Ground Floor Lab prerequisite for Open Floor Teachers Training.

What happens in a Ground Floor Lab?
There are sessions for each of the ten Core Movement Resources, a universal movement language found in all embodied practices.
You’ll have a taste of how we move on the Open Floor through the Four Dimensions of Embodiment and the Four Relational Hungers.
Each movement session includes a look behind the scenes as professionals. This gives interested teachers/trainees an understanding of the intention, structure and purpose of each experience.
The team will overview the philosophy and core values that inform the Open Floor teachings. This includes Dynamic Governance, our non-hierarchical, transparent organizational structure.
You’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions, get curious and understand which training path might be right for you.

Added benefits of having the Ground Floor Lab on Zoom:
You will be building a network and having rewarding interconnections with participants from a wider geographical area.
You will be practicing fluidity in an ever-changing world. In other words, how do we learn to make it work – even if it is not our preference – and turn towards presence with “what is”? This is an embodied practiced skill that we work with in Open Floor.
You will work with the embodied resources of the Open Floor curriculum while actually dancing in your home. We teach towards “As on the dance floor, so in life” (Kathy Altman, Open Floor Founder). This is an opportunity for this concept to really be explored, in an intimate way, close to home.
Minimize your carbon footprint by not having to travel.

Pre-requisites: To attend the Ground Floor Lab, a student must have taken at least 75 hours of conscious dance practice, of which at least 15 hours are Open Floor workshops or classes.

We will have off-screen time during some of the sessions, so you won’t necessarily be at the screen the whole time. We understand Zoom fatigue and want you to know we will be tracking this.

Melbourne, Australia time:
Friday, July 16 ~ 9 am – 12 pm, 2 – 5 pm
Sat, July 17 ~ 9 am – 12 pm, 2 – 5 pm
Sun, July 18 ~ 9 am – 12 pm, 2 – 5 pm
Mon, July 19 ~ 9 am – 12 pm
Tues, July 20 ~ 9 am – 12 pm, 2 – 5 pm
Wed, July 21 ~ 9 am – 12 pm

US Pacific Time:
Thursday, July 15 ~ 2 – 5 pm, 7 – 10 pm
Friday, July 16 ~ 2 – 5 pm, 7 – 10 pm
Saturday, July 17 ~ 2 – 5 pm, 7 – 10 pm
Sunday, July 18 ~ 2 – 5 pm
Monday, July 19 ~ 2 – 5 pm, 7 – 10 pm
Wed, July 20 ~ 2 – 5 pm

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