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From 21st May to 18th June we will be in Peter Griffiths hall, with limited tickets and social distancing.

From 25th June, as far as we know, social distancing measures are lifted and we can dance “as normal”!

Here’s the information about the 21st May to 18th June:

There are two smaller groups of one hour each.

Group 1: 9–10 am

30 mins change over

Group 2: 10.30-11.30 am

Arrive 15 mins before the start of your group.

Tickets can only be purchased in advance, no sales on the door.

Cost: £14 / Low price £12

Bring your own water bottle.

Wear comfortable clothes to move in.

Dance barefoot or in soft-soled indoor shoes.

Feel free to purchase tickets in advance for the following weeks. If we have to cancel the event you will be given the option to hold the ticket until we are next open or to have your ticket refunded to you minus the Eventbrite admin fee.

In accordance with the new coronavirus ‘law of six’ that came into force on September 14, our dance classes are allowed to go ahead. For reference, see the document Coronavirus (COVID-19): Meeting with others safely (social distancing) halfway down the page “There are exceptions where groups can be larger than 6 people. These include…exercise classes”.

Socially Distant Dancing

Objective: To have people maintain social distancing as far as possible while dancing and moving through the hall or gym facility.

Steps we have taken to ensure the safety of the group:

  1. We have reduced the maximum number of people in the hall, so that each person can have 2 meters space around them.
  2. People now avoid dancing in close proximity. For example, by dancing side-by-side, facing away from each other, or having at least 2 meters when face to face. Unless they are in a bubble with the person or people they are dancing with.
  3. More airflow through the dance space – windows and doors will be kept open.
  4. Dancers are exempt from wearing face masks “if it would negatively impact on your ability to exercise or participate in a strenuous activity”. See the government webpage “Face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions, and how to make your own” half way down the page.
  5. Hand sanitiser is available at the door for use on entrance and exit.
  6. We have minimised contacts around transactions, by using contactless payments. There is now no cash taken on the door.
  7. Pre-booked tickets also mean we have complete details of who is in the class, should a ‘Test and Trace’ situation be necessary. The information you give will be handled in strict confidence and will only be kept and used in line with data protection laws. For more on this see the document: NHS Test and Trace: how it works.
  8. Reduced the possibility of contact through sharing water jugs, participants now bring their own water bottles.
  9. “Changing rooms are an area of increased risk of transmission. It is important that social distancing is maintained in changing rooms and that they are only use if essential” We ask dancers to arrive in the clothes they are going to dance in.
  10. Avoid unnecessary breaking of social distancing such as hugging and huddles.
  11. We have a reduced crew of volunteers both on the entrance and in setting up before the dance and clearing up after the dance, allowing more space between people.
  12. Reducing the possibility of contact through fliers, there are now only our own fliers on display (rather than the large selection of fliers for other classes and workshops that we used to display)
  13. ‘Self-isolation if you have symptoms’ means you and all household members must remain at home.
  14. If participants are shielding or are in contact with people who are shielding they are asked not to come.
  15. Participants come at their own risk.
  16. If someone tests positive in the group, in alignment with the NHS Test and Trace programme their email address will be shared it could possibly mean quarantine for two weeks. In accordance with Test and Trace I will keep a record of who comes to the class for 21 days.

Open Floor is a dance meditation practice. Using core movement resources such as grounding, centering, releasing, our aim is to become more embodied, to be more comfortable in our own skin, present for anything and everything. When we live an embodied life we are fluid, flexible and free to experience all of the wild and subtle moments that go by, the ones that are heavenly as well as the ones that have us dragging our feet.

Getting to Peter Griffiths Hall

Peter Griffiths Hall is in the centre of Forest Row with parking in the surrounding area.

Peter Griffiths Hall is round the back of the Freshfield Village Hall. It’s on the ‘Island’ between Tesco’s garage and Lloyds Chemist.

Any questions, comments or responses please do get back to me, sarah@openfloor.org

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