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Sunday, August 7th
10 am – 1 pm Pacific Time, Cost: $45

“Just as the ancients danced to call upon the spirits in nature, we too can find the spirits within ourselves that have long been buried and forgotten.”
– Anna Halprin

This workshop is inspired by the work of Anna Halprin’s dances in the natural environment, the notion that the human body is a microcosm of the earth, that nature’s processes inspire our creative expression and support us in our life’s journey.

Through the kinesthetic sense and imagination, we tune in and explore our elemental body. We listen to the pathways between head and tail, inviting the undulating water body to mobilize our core. Through our breath, we take in and expel air, expanding and condensing our ribcage-like lungs of the earth. Through fire, we ignite our digestive juices, transforming vital energy and nourishing our cells. Through our bones, we root and become deep trees, seeding and sheltering other life forms. In our movement exploration, we respond to nature’s forces – pushing, yielding, surging, dissolving. We follow with curiosity and a sense of wonder.

We will draw and write our stories, witness and be witnessed mindfully in our dances. We’ll dedicate our dances to the stories that live within us, the parts that want to be known. If your dance can speak, what would it say? Participants will be invited to bring an element from nature that supports and inspires them in their journey. Open to all. No dance or art experience needed.

Joy Cosculluela, RSME, MFA, CMT is a performing artist, choreographer, bodyworker, and somatic movement educator. She is artistic director of Wayfinding Performance Group, a multicultural group of artists in San Francisco and has presented numerous works in various venues. She has performed with Anna Halprin & is core faculty for Tamalpa. wayfindingperformance.com

Register here by Saturday, August 6th at 4:30PM PT

For questions or information email TI-Workshops@tamalpa.org

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