Moving For Freedom With Adam Barley

//Moving For Freedom With Adam Barley
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ree your body,

open your heart, 

empty your mind. 

The rhythms form a simple effective movement practice for developing your personal power, sensitivity and creativity.  Moving through the rhythms brings you in touch with yourself as a whole, gives expression to whatever you need to release, and opens up a world of communication and connection with others. Many deep friendships have been made on the dancefloor, many lives transformed and given new vision and purpose.

This is not always easy – it takes discipline and courage to be oneself – but it is worth it! Somewhere inside you is a consciousness that knows what you are here for, how to love deeply, and how to be a vital part of the world around you. The 5 rhythms are a practical way to find this place; to heal what is hurt, to let go of old burdens, to become the wild free spirit that is you.

Freedom is what you do with what you’ve been given – J.P. Satre