Movement Ritual and Dance Explorations: An Introduction to the Tamalpa Life/Art Process with Joy Cosculluela

//Movement Ritual and Dance Explorations: An Introduction to the Tamalpa Life/Art Process with Joy Cosculluela
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“Imagine how alive you would be if your kinesthetic sense were to be heightened and cultivated beyond its present consciousness.” ~ Anna Halprin

Join us in replenishing your energy, experiencing new ways of moving, and finding time and space for your creative self.

Drawing on Anna Halprin’s somatic body of work, Movement Ritual and Dance Explorations, participants will be introduced to the somatic approach of allowing and listening to bodily sensations, slowing down the nervous system, and progressing with heightened kinesthetic awareness through various movement structures. Participants further enliven their dances in solo and groups to explore new ways of moving.

Drawing on the Tamalpa Life/ Art Process, participants will dialog between body and imagination. Using movement, drawing, and writing, participants will tap into art’s language to integrate aspects of their kinesthetic experience.

No dance experience needed! Wear comfortable clothing.

Joy Cosculluela, RSME, MFA, CMT is a performing artist, choreographer, bodyworker, and somatic movement educator. Joy is a Filipino immigrant working with themes of belonging, identity, home. She is artistic director of Wayfinding Performance Group, a multicultural group of artists in San Francisco and has presented numerous works in various venues. She has performed with Anna Halprin & The Sea Ranch Collective (Seasons, Spirit of Place, Parades and Changes). She continues to find joy and inspiration through collaborations with various Bay Area artists (Diana Lara, Christine Germaine, Laurie Buenafe, Stacey Goodman, and many more). Joy is director of Performance Lab SF, where she offers classes to encourage creativity and is also co-director of EAR to the Ground Productions, an organization that holds street performances in response to current events. Joy holds a Master’s in Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College and is core faculty at Tamalpa Institute.