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The Apprenticeship program is a training to embody and deepen your connection to yourself, your own creativity and your offering in the world.

Movement Medicine, founded by Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, is both deeply alchemical and deeply kind, inviting a dynamic and alive relationship with yourself, others and all you are connected to. This makes healing possible both on a personal and interpersonal level.

It is our intention to provide an environment that is both compassionate and appropriately challenging to facilitate deep personal healing, support you to uphold the highest vision you have for your life and give what is uniquely yours to give.

The Apprenticeship program includes time to work with your teachers individually, plus support from other members of our team, to distill where you are right now on your path, and what feels most resonant in terms of next steps towards an emerging vision for your life.

You will have one to one mentoring sessions in between modules and peer support groups to strengthen the work you do on the Apprenticeship in your day to day life. Completion of this Movement Medicine Apprenticeship program gives you access to the Movement Medicine Professional Training with founders Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan as well as the Movement Medicine Apprentice community and program of Apprentice only gatherings and electives with the founders and faculty.

continue onto the two-module professional training with Ya’acov and Susannah (next one beginning in 2022)
continue as a practitioner within the Apprenticeship (AP) community
repeat any module or attend any further AP-only events whenever you wish to

Phoenix Retreat OR Phoenix Rising (1 Phoenix Retreat or 2 * Phoenix Rising)
Initiation – An odyssey through the nine life cycles
plus 175 hours of conscious dance practice
**Of this, a maximum of 75 hours can include related conscious dance practice


Module 1: Sep 23d – Oct 3d 2021
Module 2: Jan 14th – Jan 3d 2022
Module 3: Apr 15th – Apr 24th 2022
Module 4: Sep 22d – Oct 2nd 2022

Plus 1 Long Dance to be completed before or within 18 months of AP start date

Yasia’s ongoing work and development of somatic voicework allows voice to be a key part of this program, and is adapted for the maps of Movement Medicine, as embodied voice is a part of expressing your souls greatest wish for your life and your offering in the world.

Yasia is a School of Movement Medicine Faculty member, a Somatic Voiceworker and Dance Facilitator. She uses these skills to empower others to reclaim and embody their voice – instinctive and intuitive voice as well as the literal. Yasia leads groups in Ireland, Europe and Asia

David’s background in Integrative Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems, as well as strong long term engagement with Somatic Experiencing a is woven into the Apprenticeship program. He is deeply passionate about Shamanic pathways and has studied with the Lakota in Canada.

David is a School of Movement Medicine Faculty member and a fully qualified psychotherapist, he integrates these skills and his passion for shamanic pathways including the Red Path into his work one to one and with groups extensively throughout Ireland, Europe and also in USA

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