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I fuel the tipping point of human consciousness. 3% of the world’s population is dancing around “enlightenment” as a way of being; roughly the current population of Europe. As that number grows to 6% and 7% the problems that plague humanity now will start to shift. As 10% of the world’s population evolves into full consciousness a tipping point of transformation will make life on earth a very different experience for those generations who follow us.

Alan Davidson is the creator of Enlightened Tapping and the founder of ThroughYourBody.com. He’s the author of Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences, the #1 best-selling Health and Wellness book and winner of two national Book-of-the-Year Awards.

Alan has a B.S. from University of Houston, Downtown, with an emphasis on psychology, sociology, philosophy, and religion. He is fascinated with the intersection of bodywork, psychology, and spiritual practice.  Alan has taught massage, meditation, movement, and human transformation since 1990.


As the midwife of Enlightened Tapping Meditation, Alan provides an experience, the synthesis of Voice Dialogue, Big Mind, and EFT/Tapping.


Guided on a silent movement meditation, on a journey through the Chakras.