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is thrilled to be returning to SomaRanch for a third time and to be part of this incredible Men Of Nia weekend. He is a First Degree Black Belt with 21 years of Nia teaching experience and he loves being playful and athletic.

WORKSHOP ~ MIND:        8:30 – 10:45AM

JAG will lead us through curious aspects of the mind. Exploring how we track, remember patterns, measure distances and use imagination in class (whether the participant or the teacher) This workshop will include preparation for the fabulous Nia experience “Orchestra”


Following this “Playshop”, enjoy a Nia class focused on Mental Energy, applying what we’ve learned about our mind’s ability to imagine as well as to count, remember patterns and measure distances. The routine uses all classical music so it has a different feeling than a typical Nia class. Orchestra is a fantastic class and this will be an unforgettable experience.