Meeting Emptiness – retreat with Alex Svoboda (Spain)

//Meeting Emptiness – retreat with Alex Svoboda (Spain)
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Every time we go through a freedomDANCE cycle, we empty ourselves. We let things that we long to express come out and be expressed. We let things that we long to release be released. By doing so, we let the excitement and fervour of the dance take us to the place of vastness and silence inside, a precious and healing place of internal emptiness.

Staying with emptiness for a prolonged period of time, however, is not always a blissful experience, and it can be quite unsettling. If only emptiness meant silence! Our mind jumps right in to fill the empty space with the familiar voices of judgements, assumptions and beliefs. We need to keep ourselves in the empty field. Waiting. Waiting without knowing what we are waiting for. Refraining from doing. Not doing. The mind will see that the old tricks are not working and settle down eventually giving way for something truly new, something that comes from within and that is truly ours.

Being with emptiness is a dance that we need to learn to get to a deeper, fuller understanding of our calling, our mission, our power and our compassion for ourselves that we can extend to others with ease and grace. If you have questions that need being with and if you would like the support of our beloved dance meditation practice, great company and the beauty of the place please register early as places are limited this year.

We will dance at La Bartra, an exceptionally unique and beautiful venue… Within only three hours from Barcelona. Located at the heart of Prades Mountains in Tarragona, at an altitude of 725 meters, La Bartra is one of those special places where nature has been generous in creating fanciful shapes: canyons, cliffs, hills, streams and sources, intertwining in perfect harmony and simplicity.

This retreat is an advanced Level 3. We are asking participants to have at least 20 hours of practice and, if possible, at least one Level 2 workshop. If you are not sure please speak to us and we can help you prepare and get the most out of this adventure.


For up-to-date information and to register please write to Alena at or call on +38 097 557 58 92

Workshop fee:
Early bird: £245 before 15 June
£295 (full price – after 15 June).
(To be paid at the time of registration).

Accommodation and food: €310/274 per person (depending on the room you choose), paid on arrival.

La Bartra: