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Join us and embark on a journey to the center of your womb-heart. Through the medicine of kundalini yoga, the wisdom of ancient feminine practices, and the pranic energy of Mama Ocean, we will encounter the Divine Feminine within us and receive her abundance to nurture our lives.

This unique experience will combine Jagat’s ryes yoga style and Maite’s puro amor yoga, creating a yoguic practice purely for women, by women. Through morning sadhanas, mantras, meditation, pranayama techniques, Dance & Expressive Movement, womb wisdom rituals, and evening ceremonies, you will access your truth, value, courage, inner will and wisdom. All while communing daily with Mama Ocean, a short walk from our studio, with her rustic beaches, mountain rivers and the jungle forest surrounding us all.

Why is this a unique Women’s Retreat?
Mama Ocean will give you:
– Two daily 90 min yoga practices
Kundalini yoga, ryes yoga, Women-centred Hatha yoga

+Daily Kundalini Yoga Meditations
To steady the projection of your personality towards the positivity of life

-A Kundalini Sadhana Experience
To access your neutral/intuitive mind and clean “the trash” of your subconscious and unconscious

-Daily Womb Wisdom Workshops
To unravel the deep knowing that you carry within your womb from the countless women and men that came before you

-Evening Rituals
Meditation, chanting mantras, short yoga studies, sharing circles

-Beach & Waterfall Sessions
Regular immersions in the healing Feminine Waters of the Ocean and waterfalls in the surrounding area

-Personal Time
For journaling, reflection & exploration. Use of all communal deck areas, swimming pool with waterfall, and studio (Includes: Manduka yoga mats, straps, bolsters, and blankets)

-3 hours of daily free time*
For sunbathing, relaxation, hiking, swimming, surfing, etc. (With access to beach and river within 5 minutes walking distance)

Range of prices :

Shared King Room* (triple occupancy – 3 single beds) – USD $1,700

Shared Queen Room* (double occupancy – 1 queen Bed) – USD $ 1,900

Shared King Room* (double occupancy – 1 king bed) – USD $ 2,100

Private Queen Room (1 queen Bed) – USD $ 2300
* prices are per person