Level 2 Silks Teacher Training Oakland 2017

//Level 2 Silks Teacher Training Oakland 2017
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Level 2 Silks Teacher Training
Kinetic Arts Center
785 7th St, Oakland, California 94607
Dates: June 5-9 2017 9am-4pm
30 Hours – 5 days
With Instructor Sarah Bebe Holmes

Paper Doll Militia’s Level 2 Silks training builds on the skills and concepts from our Level 1 training. Many of the level 2 skills incorporate inversions, as we will be focusing on hipkey, same and opposite side wrap, double crochet, cross back straddle technique and beginner appropriate drops. Additionally, in this training you will delve into the wonderful world of fabric theory, and how to begin to incorporate sequencing into your classes. We step it up a notch when it comes to more complex teaching techniques, and you will have the opportunity to try our mock instruction exercises in order to refine your craft even further.

Watch our demo video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOS-0ONY5hE

Interested in an aerial teacher certificate? We work with Born to Fly™ Teacher Trainings and Support, an aerial certificate program featuring live instruction and remote learning. After you take your live training course with Paper Doll Militia, you would then have the option to continue your education with Born to Fly™ through online resources, mentorship, and practicum hours.

-Must have completed Level 1 Silks with Paper Doll Militia or another Born to Fly provider
-Audition video
Skills for Audition Video
Windmill hipkey
Same side wrap
Cross back straddle
3 egg rolls
1 Skill from double crochet

Some highlights of Paper Doll Militia Teacher Training:
• A one on one session with the instructor to go over personal teaching goals
• Useful tricks of the trade for new and interesting progressions
• plenty of hands on experience with peer and instructor feedback
• Techniques for working with mixed levels
Techniques for creating your own creative progressions on the fly
• Safe and creative warm up sequences
• Injury prevention part 2
• Rigging and safety part 2
• Functional Anatomy
• Performative techniques, and expand the boundaries of “aerial arts”
• Creative sequencing exercises

Cost: $850
+ $40 for the course book, Introduction to Rigging: Aerialist Essentials by Steven Santos

You will receive an email with the payment plan information after your registration has been submitted and your video has been approved.

For more information email us at teachertraining@paperdollmilitia.com or go to our website. To register please fill out this registration form