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Module 2 brings together everything you’ve learned so far. After a period of at-home practice following Module 1, return with confidence to lead Let Your Yoga Dance® classes for your peers.

Offered in an atmosphere of compassion, kindness, and no competition, this training includes:

In-depth mentoring, skill-building, and practice
Continued study of meditation in motion
Daily yoga dancing tips for teachers
Ways to deal with your inner critic
Applied yamas and niyamas
Music appreciation
Techniques for promotion and marketing to build your business.
To graduate, you must take both modules 1 and 2. After successful completion of your final practice-teaching session, you will be a fully certified Let Your Yoga Dance instructor.

Required reading and listening Megha Nancy Buttenheim, Expanding Joy: Let Your Yoga Dance; Megha’s Moontides CD

Note Bring your manual and music playlist from Module 1 for practice teaching.

CE Credits

This program is eligible for :
Social Workers (SW) : 20 credits, $30.00
Yoga Teachers (YA) : 38.5 credits, $30.00

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