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Let Your Yoga Dance is a transformational movement practice where joy and fun meet deep and sacred. It a love song to Mother Earth and all sentient beings. The training is in its 22nd year; it is time-honored and brings results. If you can take a brisk walk, have a fair amount of energy, and are ready to experience the dance of your own creativity, give yourself this gift of a lifetime. Far more than instruction in the art of teaching Let Your Yoga Dance®, the training also invites you to deeply explore all seven chakras through in-depth personal experience. You will dance the yoga of the wild and the woolly, the sexy and the silly, the deep and the delicious.

Accompanied by fabulous world music, you will move through each of the energy centers of your multidimensional self, finding profound joy and releasing unhealed blocks along the way. From the grounding force of the first earthen chakra to the unvoiced prayer of body, mind, and spirit embodied in your highest, seventh center, you will become refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed in mind and body, at home inside yourself. And you will become a teacher through strength based learning. Megha’s work with Positive Psychology weaves its way throughout.

The first few days of the training are dedicated to the science, method, and application of Let Your Yoga Dance. You will learn all about the chakra system and how it relates to the dance of yoga. You will dance your yoga through the chakras; while doing so, you’ll receive a tremendous music library for a lifetime. You will learn how different kinds of music relate to the chakras and the Let Your Yoga Dance class.

The last few days of the training are dedicated to the art of teaching. You will a lead Let Your Yoga Dance® practice class for three of your peers. After successful completion of your final practice-teaching session, you will be a fully certified Let Your Yoga Dance instructor, and will receive a diploma in a beautiful graduation ceremony.

Note: Tuition includes a manual.

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