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Join thousands of women around the world on this day to Come Home to your TEMPLE BODY and REMEMBER that you are DIVINE.
discover your body as a temple
Your presence is Golden.

You belong here, in your Temple Body, in this Collective, and in the Rise of the Divine Feminine.

It is time to feel at home in the sanctuary of your body and unlock the potential and beauty that lives within.

On the 3rd Annual International Temple Body Day You Will…
> Claim freedom from the fear of not fulfilling your purpose and further release the old stories that have a hold on you by reconnecting to your temple body’s essence, creating new and powerful ways of being and expressing yourself, and shaking things up through movement.

> Move out of your head and into your heart by taking this necessary time to tune into the wisdom your body holds so you can stop thinking that you’re playing small and begin intuitively taking profound steps to fulfilling your destiny without hesitation.

> Become not only comfortable, but confident in your own skin by first activating and opening up the connection to your feminine and creative sexual power which will ignite and motivate you from deep within to create the life you truly desire.

Recognize Yourself as an instrument of the divine.

Creative spirit moves through you. You are here to shine your unique gifts.

We invite you…

…to get out of your head and into your body…

…to quiet the mind and hear the whispers of wisdom from within…

…to open yourself to the transformative power of love…

and know yourself as sacred and holy, a divine temple to be worshiped.

The world needs the magnificence that shines within you.
When you register for Temple Body Day, you will receive…
– Access to the FULL day of events on August 22nd including: dance and movement practices, guided meditation, expressive healing arts. and live discussions with feminine leaders on topics around our temple bodies and harnessing our feminine power

– Participate in a Live Q&A with me and a handful of visionary sisters broadcast from my studio in Costa Rica

– Access to the LIVE stream of the days events from wherever you are in the world

– Recordings from the day’s LIVE activities

– Six inspiring interviews and trainings – Live and delivered direct to your inbox

– 3 Temple Body Day preparation practices including an Embodiment Meditation to experience more love and deepen the connection to your temple body

– Connection to the ever expanding global sisterhood
Come together with thousands of women around the world
as we celebrate the beauty living within our Temple Bodies!