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Join us at Breema Center for a full week of varied experiences in “The Art of Being Present.” Check our website for other offerings by certified Instructors and practitioners around the US and in the world.!

A week of free classes to support increased health and well-being.
Drop in to one or many classes—each includes practical material that you can take home with you.

Breema can support you:
To be more relaxed and balanced.
To experience a more openhearted and harmonious relationship to yourself and to other people.
To increase your energy and vitality levels and decrease anxiety and fear.
To have greater presence in all situations in your life.
To approach the challenges of life from a perspective of harmony, balance, and commonsense wisdom.
To unite body, mind and feelings.
To explore the benefits of bringing connection to the body to your day.

Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony support real health and well-being. Breema releases tension and increases physical, mental, and emotional flexibility, clarity, and balance.

11 January 2020 10:00am–11:30am
Breema: The Art of Being Present with Jon Schreiber

13 January 2020 9:15am–10:00am
Self-Breema Class

13 January 2020 7:00pm–8:30pm
Nurturing Vitality-Breema Class

14 January 2020 5:00pm–7:00pm
Self-Breema Class and Mini-sessions at the Breema Clinic
6201 Florio Street at College Avenue, Oakland

15 January 2020 9:15am–10:00am
Self-Breema Class

15 January 2020 5:30pm–7:30pm
Breema Class and Mini-sessions

16 January 2020 9:15am–10:00am
Self-Breema Class

16 January 2020 5:00pm–6:15pm
Breema Class

17 January 2020 10:00am–11:30am
Breema Class and Mini-sessions

18 January 2020 10:00am–12:00pm
Breema: The Art of Being Present with Jon Schreiber