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Integrating Lower and Higher Self – A Six Day Azul Residential Retreat

Integrating Lower and Higher Self is an exploration of the lower and higher self. It is designed to explore and experience the nine matrixes of the lower self: gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride, lust, fear and deceit. As we come to understand the way the conditioned mind operates through these matrixes, we can unveil the masks that were created to protect us but inevitably have led to our suffering. Seeing with the eyes of honesty who we are and how we move lifts the veil of illusion and frees us to live from our higher self, which is our main source of wisdom and inspiration.

You will become aware about the many subtle ways your lower self affects your thoughts and actions in your daily life and will learn how the various masks you wear affect your behavior and relation to the outside world. Accessing your higher self will result in a deeper connection with your own innermost guidance, knowing and wisdom and in an increased ability to access your personal power.

“Dance strips us of the false self, beliefs, imprints that cover up our true self. The body cannot lie, so when we are able to listen through the body, we hear the truth.” – Amara Pagano

Tuition Cost: € 645
Early bird special before July 15, 2019: € 580

Venue: Sonnenstrahl Center in Kisslegg, Germany

Sonnenstrahl Center is located in the beautiful Allgau countryside, with access to a lake and nature trails.
Accommodation prices are per day and include access to the facility, pool and sauna and three vegetarian buffet meals a day.

Spacious rooms are free of eletronic devices and radio waves for a peaceful night of sleep. Free Wi-Fi is available in the bar area.

Accommodations Available:

Single Room Private Bath € 98
Double Room with Private Bath € 84
Single and Double Room Shared Bath € 70
Dormitory with Shared Bath €63

Camping €49
Offsite day pass €42