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Do you want to:

• Accept, digest, release, heal and transform your past?
• Accept yourself and take responsibility for who you are now in the present?
• Learn tools for co-creating a future that is in harmony with your guiding purpose?
• Cultivate a compassionate witness for self & others?
• Find some peace with the reality of mortality and make death your friend?

Initiation is an adventurous and imaginative 9-day intensive journey with fine companions, excellent guidance and far reaching results. The focus of our work is to bring awareness, responsibility, fluidity, and ultimately gratitude to life’s journey. To help you to learn all you can from your personal history and free you from any belief that your past has to create your future.

It will bring healing and understanding to your own journey and that of your ancestors and so support you to pass on your wisdom, and not your wounds, to the next generation. We will work with the 9 cylcles of the life journey: conception, birth, childhood, puberty, adolescence, adulthood, maturity, old age and death. We visit the landscapes of the first five cycles. Rooted in physical movement we will invoke the archetypal energy of each cycle. We will acknowledge what has been, transform what we can, and, learning from the lessons and challenges of our lives, give it all back to the dance. When we arrive at the transition between adolescence and maturity, we will spend the day on a mini Vision Quest to gain a sense of overview of your life now. As further preparation for assuming responsibility for your life, we will then invoke Death as a teacher to remind us all that our time here is precious and short. The intention is to create the freedom of body, heart and mind to be able to view our past as the perfect training for living a creative, empowered and connected life now. People leave this workshop with a sense of forgiveness for the past, acceptance in the present, inspiration and a clear sense of the work they must do in order to manifest and offer the gifts they have inside them.