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In our culture, feminine power often hides in the shameful shadows; we can see it as passive aggressive claw sharpening, or outbursts of rage when the pressure finally pops. We can be trapped by the Good Girl, often putting our own needs last, dreaming of personal power without any idea of how to achieve it.Would you like to be free of these patterns, to stand strong in your centre, calm in the face of any onslaught, and able to choose in the moment the right action, whether it is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, a ‘stay’ or a ‘go’.

To be in deep relationship with your own instincts and rightness rather than keeping everyone else happy and putting yourself last, again and again?

We finally say YES to all the parts of ourselves. No judgement. Just exploration. What a relief!

Once we have embraced those often shy and secret parts we can break open the archetypes to discover the light within; the balanced power of Artemis, the Huntress; perfectly poised, able to choose in any moment when to wait, when to spring, when to hunt and when to flee.

Power flows through us and into the world. We are not too much. We are not lacking. We are simply here, in our own internal authority, guided by our rightness, our instincts, and the wisdom of our own growing hearts.


 This is a 5Rhythms Waves elective workshop. We use the 5Rhythms waves map to explore our power and move through the stories that hold us back from moving freely in the world, creating a life that is nourishing and juicy. 5Rhythms movement meditation is one of the most powerful tools I have found in a lifelong journey of transformation… we look inside and move what is true, learning who and what we are and shedding skins and masks in the process.Heart of the Huntress is power packed. We spend the workshop dancing with elements of feminine power – light and shadow – in a safe environment where nothing is ‘wrong’. We spend a day exploring the ‘Good Girl’, finally freeing ourselves of the voice that tells us to put our needs last.

We use archery as a metaphor for power, and let me tell you, it feels GREAT to watch those arrows fly.