Gratitude With Adam Barley

//Gratitude With Adam Barley
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it’s easy to be grateful when everything in the garden is rosy, but what about when it’s not? These are turbulent times for most of us right now, and being grateful for ‘what is’ might seem impossible. Gratitude is light, and like all things lyrical it has a subtlety about it that makes it easy to miss, but when you find it, the whole picture changes like magic, and it can become a buoyant boat in stormy waters. 

The 5Rhythms offers us a way to give space for everything – the pain and the pleasure – as simply different dances, so we’re not looking for light by denying the shadow. On the contrary, light has a way of bringing up all that is not light, and we’ll make space to face that and move through it. We will find ways into the reality of whatever your personal experience is in the moment, to include all light and shade, and practice the subtle art of gratitude and appreciation for all of it. Just like Lyrical, its true nature is effortless, but until you’re there, it seems a world way. Then when you least expect it, you pop through the gateway and everything is different. Being rooted in a body that’s free to move, a heart that’s open to feeling, and a mind that’s willing to let the truth keep changing – then we have the possibility for gratitude that can light up our days and nights, bringing colour and transformation to unlikely places.

This is a ‘Heartbeat’ workshop: you need at least 15 hours 5Rhythms study to take part.