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The Dance of Liberating and Reclaiming Life Force
Open to 30 students. 12 weeks. Quite a journey.

*Final day of class will be adjusted to ensure those who observe Passover can attend.
8am-10am Pacific
9am- 11am Mountain
10am-12pm Central
11am-1pm Eastern
4pm-6pm UK and Ireland
5pm-7pm Europe

This extraordinary 12-week New Year’s Movement Medicine course invites a small ongoing group of 30 dancers on a journey together to dance, dream and create visions for the year ahead. Gift yourself with the time and space to give attention to what you love and wish to create for 2021.

Sliding Scale $390-$500 USD for all 12 weeks includes live teaching from Ireland plus 55 daily weekday practices during the course.
Tuition can be paid in 3 installments with a $130 deposit.

***There is a limited number of partial scholarships available. Please contact the organizer to confidentially relate your financial circumstances, if you are called to this work but cannot afford the tuition.

This course is open to all humans—all genders, colors, ages, physical condition, cultural backgrounds. It is strongly suggested that you have previous experience with Movement Medicine but it is not required.


The centerpiece of this course will be learning to dance through and with the SEER process for soul retrieval. This is a core Movement Medicine practice—a strong and supportive process to release old structures that may be taking up a lot of energy and life force. Often these old ways of being were originally put in place for very good reason but are no longer needed. This is an opportunity to honor their service, release what is ready to be released and create space to call back The Gold of the Soul and dream in more resonant and soulful ways of being and living in the world. You will learn how to connect with your own Inner Shaman and use this process at your own pace, in a place of resource, safety, and the choice to practice applying these sacred tools to your day-to-day life.

• Create your own unique vision board with dreams and intentions for 2021.
• Make a Vision Bundle as a creative way to focus your intentions for the year ahead.
• Learn the Movement Medicine Body-Heart-Mind Incantations guided exercise grounded in neuroscience, that you can use in your daily life for anchoring in the medicine of what resources you.
• Discover your own unique practical, achievable, repeatable, clear small steps to create real change.
• Dance in ceremony to deepen our relationship with the Sacred in your life.
• Learn how to create simple techniques to improve your capacity to integrate the experiences of the dance in your day-to-day life and to increase the success of goal orientation and completion.
• Learn a simple Movement Medicine Practice for moving through and shaking off stuck energy.
• Create your own simple PARC goals (practical, achievable, repeatable and clear actions ) to improve your capacity to create long lasting change.
• Learn the work of the ‘Conflicting Commitments’ exercise to get underneath the reasons for sabotaging your goals.

“Movement Medicine is a dance practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart and will deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and integrity as well as enliven your relationship with life on all levels. It has roots in shamanic and nature-based wisdom as well as contemporary therapeutic pathways such as Gestalt and latest developments in Neuroscience”.


WEEK 1. THE UNBROKEN AND THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE DANCER. Awaken the sovereignty of the Spirit of the Dancer within. Connect to the unbroken nature of life and activate the Inner Shaman to bring alive the inner sacred in your day-to-day life.

WEEK 2: DANCE AND MEDICINE OF THE ELEMENTS – Develop the dynamic medicine and teachings of the elements.

WEEK 3: VISIONING FOR 2021 – Alchemist’s Garden Journey to plant seeds of intention. Create a Vision board and Vision Bundles for the year ahead.

WEEK 4: MEDICINE OF YIN / YANG – POLYVAGAL WISDOM Learn about the wisdom of the polyvagal nervous system and how the Yin / Yang Movement Medicine practices can support the toning of your nervous system and orient toward the health of the Ventral Vagal of the nervous system which is about ‘safety, balance and connection’.

WEEK 5: CONFLICTING COMMITMENTS PRACTICE Exploring underlying personal unconscious commitments that undermine your efforts to fulfill qualities in yourself or intentions that you are passionately committed to so therefore fail to materialize.

WEEK 6: BEFRIENDING THE EMOTIONS Learn how to embody and move with the emotions as a dancer to and support your capacity to be in Presence of Heart in the resource of the body through the teachings of the elements.

WEEK 7: ALCHEMY OF HEALING – exploring a core practice of Movement Medicine to embody, move, express, release and transform energy, emotions, feelings and thoughts in the dance.

WEEK 8: SEER PROCESS 1 – THE DANCE OF LIBERATING AND RECLAIMING LIFE FORCE. The strong central practice of Movement Medicine for recapitulation and transformation of old patterns, behaviors and beliefs into potent life energy.

WEEK 9: SEER PROCESS 2 THE DANCE OF LIBERATING AND RECLAIMING LIFE FORCE. The strong central practice of Movement Medicine for recapitulation and transformation of old patterns, behaviors and beliefs into potent life energy.

WEEK 10: INCANTATIONS AND BODY-HEART-MIND INTENTIONS Working with the wisdom of Neuroscience to support the grounding and anchoring of ‘Gold of the Soul’ intentions, reclaimed life energy from the SEER process to integrate this in your day-to-day self and life.

WEEK 11: GOLD OF THE SOUL CEREMONY Sacred ‘Medicine of Balance’ Ceremony. Dancing to deepen our relationship with the Sacred in your life. Prayers for the Love of life.

WEEK 12: INTEGRATIONS AND BRINGING THE MEDICINE HOME We set our intentions to alchemize what we have learned and experienced to cultivate creative responses to the opportunities and challenges we face at this time.


You will have the option of joining a live daily weekday practice during the course with David’s Teaching Assistant(s) —55 sessions in all! You will be dancing to David’s recorded guided sessions. Movement Medicine is moving meditation practice similar to yoga and/or meditation that deepens with time and repetition.

We will invite you to an (optional) private communication network called TRIBE that to share with other dancers during this journey (and beyond) off of Facebook — inviting the opportunity to create new connections, if desired, with others in our growing Movement Medicine growing community.

You will receive access to an online platform exclusive to your course with generous package of materials and resources to support you during and after this course, including the following:

30-minute guided recording ‘Awaken the Dancer’
30-minute guided recording ‘Elements’
30-minute guided recording ‘ALCHEMY OF HEALING’
45-min guided recording ‘SEER PROCESS’ Movement Medicine practice by David Mooney specifically for this course
15-min guided recording ‘BODY-HEART-MIND INTENTIONS Movement Medicine practice by David Mooney for planting dream seeds and intentions in your day-to-day from the creativity and body, heart mind aligning practices of Movement Medicine.

WEEKLY VIDEOS POST CLASS sharing and teaching about Movement Medicine
Tutorial videos about Polyvagal theory, practice and exercises to support your nervous system.
A guide to Conflicting Commitments Exercise
An exploration of the Wisdom of the Elements
The profound medicinal importance of developing a Compassionate ‘Inner witness’A video Tutorial to show how to create a Dream Seed BundleVideo tutorial on the Roots of the Seer Process
A brief history of the SEER process and its creation by Ya’Acov Darling Khan
The Toltec Shamanic practice of recapitulation and how this informs the SEER Process
The fundamental ‘Alchemy of Healing’ principle and practice of Movement Medicine
INFORMATION ABOUT: ~A neuroscience perspective of our capacity to create real, long lasting inner change. ~The deeply informative work of Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine and Bessel Van Der Kolk. ~Gestalt dynamic psychotherapeutic Principle of ‘Vaso Motoric’ Cycle that informs the SEER Process.


David is a highly qualified Movement Medicine teacher that has worked closely with the Creators of Movement Medicine, Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, for 19 years. He was part of the School European Faculty for 9 years and has been teaching Movement Medicine in Ireland, 18 countries in Europe and in the US over the past 12 years. David and his wife Yasia will be the first Movement Medicine teachers to hold the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship program in 2021.
Also the founder of Funky Seomra alcohol and drug free nightclub, David has hosted over 42,000 people over the past 10 years attracting much TV, radio and print media coverage across Ireland.
David is also a fully qualified and practicing psychotherapist with a background in psychodynamic psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and Internal Family Systems.
Deeply connected to a Lakota community in Canada, David has been attending ceremonies there for the past 7 years.