Foundation Yoga Teacher Training with Cat Kabira

//Foundation Yoga Teacher Training with Cat Kabira
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xperiential Embodiment: this is not your run-of-the-mill teacher training!

This experience will change your life – and this is not a tagline!

Are you ready to commit to a path with heart, to manifest your dreams?

Get ready for a transformational and empowering journey that will do more than prepare you to teach yoga – it will change your life.
This Level One Yoga Teacher Training is already powerful within itself simply with the 28-day commitment you make to YOU and your yoga practice. Combine that with the potency of working with the magic of Cat and the pura vida of Costa Rica– this is the perfect recipe for a transformational journey.

What makes the yoga portion of the training so potent is the energetic field that is held within the training – especially by Cat Kabira. Cat works in a subtler shamanic way – meaning that she has the gift of seeing deep blockages within the body whether it’s emotional, physical, mental, karmic, or on another energetic level – and can safely and fully hold space for you while you observe and watch it clear and transform. This is your opportunity to meet yourself – on every level – so that any old blockage, on any level and in any dimension – can be felt, met, and transformed.

This practice requires courage – taken from the French “Coeur” – asking you to come fully with, into and through your heart. This can be an intense process – this dance with yourself – so do know that your commitment to this program is truly a deeper commitment to levels of yourself you may not have even met yet.

Come ready to work, to practice, to look at yourself, to be surprised. This program is unlike any other. Drop your expectations but DO come with your personal intentions. Why are you here? We are not here to tell you the answers – we are here to ask you the questions and fully support you along your way.

Who is this program for?
This program is for anyone who wants to take her/ his practice deeper, and/or who’s ready to commit to becoming a teacher. This program is for you if you’re ready to change. This is a Level One Teacher Training Course so we will be covering all of the basics and fundamentals as required by Yoga Alliance. This course is different from other 200 Hour Training Courses as there’s an energetic and shamanic influence held by Cat Kabira. Be willing to meet yourself in a whole new way.

Some students do take this course even if they have already taken a level one training. We also offer advanced training modules if you have already completed a 200 Hour Yoga-Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training.

Not wanting to teach but wanting an immersion in your practice? Some students show up for that. This is a wonderful opportunity to go inside with some more intensive inner-work. You will still be required to show up for all of the training– including the teaching practices. You may end up surprised. Many who show up for the course not intending to teach are now great teachers.

We do require at least a one-year practice by the beginning of the teacher training date.

Ready to commit? Fill out the application and send it to Once reviewed, Cat Kabira will personally contact you.

A bit of advice Given to a young Native American At the time of his initiation:
“As you go the way of life, You will see a great chasm. Jump. It is not as wide as you think.”
~Joseph Campbell

Once You’re Accepted
Please refer to our “Preparation for the Course” document you will be sent upon your acceptance. In it you will see that you are required to read one book: The Four Agreements, before the course and answer some questions as well as suggestions in how to prepare yourself for the training.

During the Course and Expectations
Be prepared. This is not a yoga holiday or something you can halfway step into. This program requires your full commitment. Cat Kabira and Yoga Energetics expect your full commitment to the whole program.

You are expected to show up for everything in this training as this all counts as contact hours towards your certification through Yoga-Alliance. Any hours missed must be made up with the appropriate instructor and you will be expected to pay the instructor at his/her hourly private rate. Even if you are taking the training to deepen your practice and are not as concerned about your hours, out of consideration to your fellow practitioners, you are expected to still show up for everything.

As this is a wonderful opportunity to truly immerse yourself in your practice, transformation, and Costa Rica, we do recommend that you make sure that you have this time clear so that you can fully commit. You may even want to let friends and family members (and work!) know that you may be less available at this time as you are entering into this training.

Daily Schedule
The schedule may vary. The basic schedule looks like this:
7.30-9.45am: Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra, Asana
11.00am -1.00pm: Philosophy, Anatomy, Teaching and Assisting, Special Lectures
2.00pm-6.00pm: Evening Practice, Teaching Practice, Special Lectures
Occasionally we will have Evening Practices as well. Sundays are our day of rest and integration. Once accepted to the program, you will receive a more in-depth schedule.

The tools we will be working with have the potential for deep transformation, and provide a solid base of training, preparation, education, and the necessary fundamentals for teaching asana in both a fiery/yang style and a more yin/restorative approach.
This course includes practice in:
Meditation Practices focusing on the breath and/or sensations.
Mantra: Learning some of the basic mantras as well as working with a mala
Asana: Dynamic Morning Practices derived from the numerous practices Cat has worked with that will include Hatha, Vinyasa,
Core Flow as well as other practices – Cat’s “special” blend – that also includes her shamanic touch and vision. Also included are evening yin practices
Pranayama Practice: Including khapalbhati, nadi shodhana, brahmari and bhastrika
Basic Anatomy for Yoga Teachers
Introduction to Ayurveda
Teaching practice for both dynamic classes and yin classes and receiving solid feedback on teaching
Sequencing for both more dynamic classes and yin as well as how to work with multi-level/open classes
How to assist: Basic Alignment of Asana, Different Types/Ways to Assist
“Body Reading” – the different ways of “seeing” and “feeling” as well as how to know what the priority is in a student when making adjustments
Working with Injuries
Private Clients/ Working One-On-One
Becoming Aware of your Voice and How You Hold Yourself
The “Business” of Yoga
Teaching Yoga to Kids
Introduction to Prenatal Yoga
The Importance of Holding Space
Ethics & Self-Care: Importance of Self-Care, How to Stay Grounded and Centered, the Importance of Boundaries
A Brief Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy, Listening Skills, Being the “Witness”
Introduction to the World of Energy: What it is, How to Perceive, How to Clear
Full and New Moon Ceremonies

What do we mean by shamanic?
As Cat has been working in the shamanic arts for years, she can’t help but have a shamanic attitude in the work that she does. Every training is slightly different as what is truly unique to these trainings is Cat’s ability to listen to the group and offer what is appropriate for everyone at that time. The true shaman listens. Shamanic transformation is the ability to listen and tune in and connect to the more subtle realms. Cat offers a space where you can enter different dimensions of yourself and this planet – but it’s up to you to be ready and step through.

Shamanism is also about grounding – about choosing to be here on this earth – honoring the elements and all of our brothers and sisters. It starts first with knowing yourself and committing to yourself. Don’t expect someone else to do the work for you. It’s about looking through your own eyes and finding your vision.

The work that Cat offers is both powerful and subtle. It can be profound if you’re ready to listen in a whole new way. What do you set aside when you enter our work together in this Yoga Ceremony? What do you allow yourself to see and feel during? How much do you allow yourself to surrender? And how do you integrate post-ceremony? You are the one weaving your own web.

Most who join on this Yoga Journey are those who are ready to make a huge change in their lives. You will leave feeling more empowered and lighter – ready to step into what’s true for you. Make sure that you have the time for this. Give yourself some time after the course – whether it’s a few days or weeks – to integrate and digest this.
After the course, you will have homework to complete your certification. This includes:
3 Short Book reports
15 Hours of Seva (Service) Yoga
10 Class Critiques

Please refer to the packet you will be sent upon acceptance – “Preparation for the Course Including Homework” – as well as the “Required Reading” for more information.