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People let us down, cross our boundaries, or just don’t do what we want them to.. It’s part of life
And then we get angry (if anger is something we allow ourselves to feel)
Or resentful, or blaming, or judgemental. That’s natural
And then it just sits there, that not-rightness, in the space between us
Until we’re ready to let it go

Sometimes the whole process is very quick
But often it can take us days, or weeks, or even years to find a way through – particularly when the feeling is about someone important
Like a parent, or a child, or a lover, or a friend (or ourselves)

This weekend we’ll explore the movement of energy from anger to forgiveness – from the initial sense of hurt to the repair of the relationship. We’ll move with awareness through our familiar patterns, and see if we can deepen our understanding of what would serve us better. We’ll look to find more kindness and clarity in our relationships, so our anger can be clean and creative. And we’ll explore forgiveness as a gift we can give to ourselves and others, made from the meeting of our anger and love.