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In Fire in the Heart, we will take a dancing shamanic journey through the four chambers of the heart and meet the Wise Elder within. Intensive Movement Medicine practice will give you the tools to translate the language of the heart into the language of the dance.

The human being who has learnt to dance with their feelings rather than be danced by them is able to be more alive, dynamic, creative and connected in all areas of their life.

Calling on all the allies of the Movement Medicine Mesa, we will dance to deepen the passion for life that resides in us all. You will need an equal dose of kindness and courage and a healthy sprinkling of the imagination it takes to set the heart free.

The heart is the key to compassion for self and others. Compassion arises naturally in the heart that is unafraid of both its own shadow and its light. And the dancer inside you has both the ground and the imagination to allow the heart its full range of expression.