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Fear is real: our early warning system for danger, vital in times like these. It is primal, instinctive, and holds enormous power if we can find the courage to face it, feel it, and go through it.

In this movement-based workshop you will learn to:

  • distinguish between head-trip fear and the animal instinct for danger
  • notice when you’re avoiding, suppressing or dissociating from your feelings
  • access the raw emotional energy of fear as a source of strength
  • appreciate fear as a life-giving, heart-opening agent of transformation

The core nature of fear is a dynamic form of loving, a power that is rooted in vulnerability, a resource for energising and awakening your daily life.

You will receive practical tools that you can use to help you navigate your fears whilst staying whole-hearted and awake, ready for the kind of courageous creative action the world needs from us all now.

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