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Tools for Conscious Living and Optimal Mind-Body Health with Jon Schreiber, DC, Ellen Petry-Leanse, and Deborah Cohan, MD

Are you ready to explore the essential nature of life and the deeper meaning of health? Are you ready to learn how to actualize it all? Lots of people talk about the body-mind connection, but fewer bring us deep into its core: the neuroscience, evolutionary biology, psychology, and timeless wisdom at the foundation of holistic health.

In this life-changing weekend, four outstanding influencers in the fields of movement, medicine, healing, and happiness—Jon Schreiber, DC, Ellen Petry Leanse, Deborah Cohan, MD, and Alexandra Johnson, MD—introduce you to Breema, a nourishing and life-altering form of integrative bodywork, and the dynamic practice of Embodied Medicine. Built on the Nine Principles of Harmony, Breema is a revolutionary way to think and live.

This workshop blends lecture, discussion, and hands-on learning. Through exercises, movement, and time spent working in dyads and small groups, you will:
• Explore the movement, art, and somatic experiencing techniques at the foundation of Embodied Medicine
• Learn the latest neuroscience on habits, happiness, and how to make the most of our lives
• Gain firsthand experience by learning and practicing Self-Breema exercises and Breema partner sequences
• Enjoy a nonjudgmental atmosphere to let go of conditioned patterns and connect to new and more natural ways of moving, thinking, and feeling.
Get into your body and explore the dynamic role that the brain plays in how you relate to and experience the world. Expand on science-backed paths to building greater focus, connection, and satisfaction. You will leave this weekend with exciting and practical tools for increasing body-mind connection in your daily life.

Friday Evening Program Session 7:30-9pm: Opening circle

Morning Program Session 9-noon: Breema and the Art of Being Present
Afternoon Program Session 2-4:30pm: Conversations on the Brain and Perception
Evening Program Session 7:30-9:30pm: Breema and The Nine Principles of Harmony

Morning Program Session 8:30-11am: Conversations on the Brain and Perception
Embodied Medicine: Movement/Art/Expression
Closing Circle